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Three Traffic Fatalities in One Day –A 4th victim crushed days later by a Mack truck

By: Licec Bastian
Journal Staff Writer

Traffic fatalities in the country now at 45 with two months remaining in 2023. A man, believed
to be in his mid-20s was crushed when he collided into a Mack truck early yesterday morning.
Three persons died early Monday morning in fatal crashes, two in New Providence and an
American male in Andros.
In the latest traffic fatality, according to preliminary reports, an adult male was driving a Mack
truck while an unidentified male was driving a Yamaha motorcycle when the two collided at the
junction of Carmichael and Golden Isles Road.
“As a result of that collision the motorcyclist was pinned under the Mack truck. He received
serious injuries; EMS responded to the scene and pronounced the body lifeless,” head of the
Royal Bahamas Police Force’s Traffic Division told reporters on the scene.
“As a result of this crash, it marks the 45th traffic fatality for this year and the second traffic
fatality involving a motorcyclist within day,” he added.
The driver of the Mack truck did not receive any serious injuries.
Days before this traffic fatality, Chf. Supt. Lockhart spoke with reporters on the scene of a
double traffic fatality which occurred around 2 a.m., Monday near the Calvary Deliverance
Church and involved four persons, all believed to be in their early 30s. The fatality claimed the
life of a male motorcyclist and one of his female passengers.
According to police reports, a lone male driver of a blue 2007 Mitsubishi car was traveling south
on East Street when he attempted to overtake a vehicle also driving south when he collided into a
black Yamaha XTV motorcycle, occupied by three persons heading north on East Street.
All the victims received serious injuries.
Chief Superintendent David Lockhart, head of the Royal Bahamas Police Force’s Traffic
Division, spoke with reporters on the scene.
“On arrival at the scene, officers discovered a vehicle and a motorcycle crash. As a result of that
crash, three persons, one motorcyclist and two pillions on a 150 Yamaha motorcycle were
seriously, seriously injured. As a result of those injuries, two persons were pronounced lifeless
on the scene the third person was transported to hospital,” Chf. Supt. Lockhart said.
“The single male occupant of the vehicle was transported to hospital; his condition, along with
the one female pillion on the motorbike, were transported to hospital.”

While he could not say what caused the accident, he said speed may have been a factor in this
He encourages motorists to adhere to the rules of the road.
“As always, we are saying to persons, please adhere to all the traffic rules and regulations as it
pertains to the road traffic laws and regulations. We cannot emphasize enough that when persons
are travelling at night, ensure that you are adhering to all the rules. That is that you have on your
seatbelt, you have on your headlight, that you obey all the traffic rules,” he said.
That double traffic fatality resulted in the 42 nd and 43 rd traffic fatalities for the year.
The 44 th fatality occurred just hours later in Andros. A 29-year-old American male from
Tallahassee, Florida was the victim in that accident.
According to police reports, the victim was driving a black Nissan Juke south near the London
Bridge, off Queen’s Highway when he collided with a white Chevy express bus driven by a
Canadian woman traveling north.
When police arrived on the scene, they discovered the victim with severe injuries and
unresponsive. He was examined by the local doctor on the scene who pronounced him dead.
Investigations into these matters continue.

Written by Jones Bahamas

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