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The Secret Behind Nygard’s Generous Giving Revealed in Gift to A Woman of Faith

By P.J. Malone


For 29 years Josie Poitier, a Catholic and member of Holy Redeemer Church in Miami, Florida, has trusted God to make a way for her annual Passover/Good Friday brunch—an event for individuals from all religious and ethnic backgrounds to lay aside their differences and come together for at least one day. One of those years, fashion mogul Peter Nygard played a significant role in Josie’s life, and in so doing, revealed the secret behind his continuous bend toward generosity. A 2011 Miami Herald article tells the story.

 Reporter Bea Hines tracks Josie’s events each year. In the article entitled, “After Years of Giving, Volunteer Gets Recognition From Peter Nygard” Hines wrote, “Every year, Josie would share with me, ‘I don’t know how I’m going to pull it off, but I know God will make a way…’ And He did. The funds would come in and Josie would be able to feed a number of senior citizens and children’s group.”

 Hines reported that Josie would pass out certificates and awards to those who had done something worthwhile during the year; and now, it was Josie’s time to be awarded. At that year’s event, Peter Nygard told his story.

 Growing up poor in Canada, Nygard has previously talked about being hungry all of the time as a little boy. This time, he told a story that explains one of the motivations behind his generous giving:

 “‘As a boy, I had a friend whose parents owned a restaurant. One day I went with him to the restaurant and my friend put two slices of bread in the toaster. I was so hungry, and I knew one of the slices would go to me. When the toast was done, my friend buttered the first piece and ate it. Then he buttered the second slice and ate it, too. I was so disappointed. I never forgot the incident and I said if I ever had the opportunity to share my toast, I would.’”

 “When Nygard finished telling the story, he said ‘Now, I’d like to share my toast with Josie.’ He called Josie to the stage and presented her with a check for $10,000. Josie was clearly in shock. She stood wide-eyed with her mouth open. ‘It was such a surprise. I kept thinking, God is so good. I never expected this.’”

 Peter Nygard always seems to be giving wherever and whenever he could—to cancer research in Canada, to individuals and causes in the United States, to individuals and causes in Africa, to multiple individuals and organizations throughout The Bahamas, and to individuals and charities around the world.

 Is this a man that should be unfairly villianized? I think not!

 We need more Peter Nygards in the world. If every individual who could afford to give, gave in the way Peter Nygard does, maybe we wouldn’t have the level of poverty and the level of starvation that we do in the world today.

 Hats off to you Peter Nygard for always doing all that you can to give back and improve the lives of so many!



Written by Jones Bahamas

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