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“THE PLP IS COMING IN 2022,” Says Senator

Progressive Liberal Party Senator Jobeth Coleby Davis electrified the crowd with the statement “We Coming for You in 2022” which was directed at all seats lost in the May 10th general election.


Davis Coleby was one of six speakers at night two of the convention which focused on various areas that the Progressive Liberal Party (PLP) can rebuild.


With shouts in agreement, the PLP crowd gladly rallied behind Coleby-Davis who said as the party rebuilds, they will send a clear message to the Prime Minister, that when the election bell is rung, they will reclaim votes, the people and the country.


She admonished the PLP to rebuild by developing a clear mandate, an understanding of the challenges of constituencies and real opportunities for the downtrodden.


Coleby said PLPs cannot expect people to return to the party if they will receive the same type of treatment and neglect that they suffered in the past.


“Rebuilding not only requires regaining our people, but ensuring that we build a system that recognizes the core values, respects our philosophies and rejuvenates our PLP brand, while at the same time aligning ourselves with the fast paced ever-changing and modern world, to equip us for the future. We must ensure we are focusing on community developments,” Coleby-Davis said


As a suggestion, she said that the PLP Headquarters should operate as an information hub, thus creating a domino effect of how information to be dispersed within the party.


Scolding supporters while promoting unity, she said, “we cannot demand the outsiders or onlookers to respect us and mind their business; when we are the ones sharing and disclosing our party information. We cannot expect anyone to hear us out, if we do not present our case humbly to the masses.”


Coleby added that she believes that PLPs must foster ideas and a governing plan that will create more Bahamian millionaires!


“The Bahamas cannot survive if we continually weaken our middle class. As we rebuild, our governing plan must speak to how to ensure a better way of living for Bahamians with real opportunities for the downtrodden and strengthening of the middle class,” Coleby-Davis said.


Written by Jones Bahamas

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