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‘Sweep off the Cobwebs, PLP’

In her explanation of modern progressivism, Englerston Member of Parliament Glenys Hanna-Martin said it is time for the Progressive Liberal Party (PLP) to “sweep off the cobwebs” and revitalize The Bahamas.

“Modern progressivism looks with objective eyes and speaks with honest tongue about the traumas we have endured as a people of majority African descent, via the slave trade. Progressivism honours equality among women and men of all backgrounds in ode and honour to the great divinity of the human being,” Hanna-Martin said during her address at the PLP’s 54th General Convention at the Melia Nassau Beach Resort. 

“Progressives believe in our people, lowering barriers to global access by Bahamian entrepreneurs. We implement systems and technologies that enable the bright spark of Bahamian brilliance to flick the world over. We seek to dismantle colonial and neocolonial realities towards the full fruition of true liberty for the people.”

Hanna-Martin added that progressives fight for equitable taxation of the wealthy, expansion of democratic institutions and widened participation of Bahamians.

“It means identification and utilization of natural resources to the benefit of all people.

It is a vision for development of the entire archipelago not just Nassau,” she said.

According to Englerston MP, the PLP is called by its framers and founders to present the vision of the Bahamian future to promote democratic principles, equity, fairness and decency because it is only through the change inherent to progressivism that the true infinite potential of the people can be unleashed in the rising sun.

“In this undertaking we are fellow journeymen. Our obligation is to link arms and support each other, not seek to tear down and destroy. To do so is not progressive. It is wrong. It is reactionary and regressive, the antithesis of progressivism,” Hanna-Martin explained.

“I end by saying, we need to sweep off the cobwebs and revitalize our nation. The PLP promised to take the Bahamian people all the way.” 

Written by Jones Bahamas

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