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Schools To Become ‘Technology Centres’

By K Quincy Parker

Minister of Education, Science & Technology Jerome Fitzgerald addressed the nation last night on the eve of the 2012/2013 school year, and one of the initiatives he announced was the transformation of schools into what he called “technological centres.”

“Schools will be transformed into strong technological centres.”

“This goal will become a reality through the significant international and national linkages forged between The Ministry of Education, the International Development Bank, (IDB) and Bahamas Telecommunications Corporation (BTC).

The minister did not say what this would look like, or give a timeline.

He did, however, discuss the need for private sector involvement in the education system.

“We live in an ever-changing global village, so the need for community partnership takes on added significance,” he said.

“We will partner with the business community, civil society and the church. Our partnership with the church is expected to restore basic Christian values in our schools and correct or moral compass.”

“Through partnerships, schools have provided a continuously viable work force, while through internship and mentorship opportunities, businesses produce a technically sound cadre of professionals.”

The minister also reported on the school repairs process, noting that the government had spent $2 million more than the $3 million budgeted for summer school repairs.

“The government’s overwhelming concern to improve the access to education in Grand Bahama resulted in an investment of some $750,000 on repairs,” he reported. “Additionally, in Grand Bahama the Ministry is extremely proud that we were able to facilitate the relocation of the Lewis Yard Primary School to St. Vincent de Paul Primary School.”

He recalled that for over 20 years students and teachers at Lewis Yard were exposed to noxious fumes which resulted in the school closing many days.
The Catholic Board of Education, BORCO and The Grand Bahama Port Company partnered with the Ministry of Grand Bahama and the Ministry of Education to oversee the repair works.

“This is an accomplishment that we at the Ministry of Education are extremely proud of because the well-being of the present and future scholars was at stake.”

Fitzgerald said after his inspection of schools throughout the country that he was sufficiently satisfied that all contracted school repairs are complete.

Written by Jones Bahamas

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