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Rollins Resigns from PLP

After blasting the Progressive Liberal Party government last night in the House of Assembly, Fort Charlotte Member of Parliament Andre Rollins resigned from the PLP.

Rollins’ resignation comes following yesterday’s uproar in the House of Assembly as Members of Parliament made an attempt to block him from making his contribution to the 2015/2016 Budget Debate, which was followed by a brief suspension.

However, House Speaker Dr. Kendal Major ruled and allowed Rollins to speak.

While Rollins was making his contribution to the debate, he suggested that he might resign.

He said, “It’s interesting how things transpired in this House tonight because I didn’t come into this House with any intentions of resigning, but how things have happened in here tonight God is speaking to me Mr. Speaker.”

Then, as he concluded his speech, he announced his resignation.

“Parting is such sweet sorrow,” he said.

Rollins’ resignation follows the resignation of Marco City MP Greg Moss, who resigned last week.

During his contribution to the debate, Rollins explained that according to PLP Chairman Bradley Roberts, Moss has “zero chance” of being renominated by the PLP.

Rollins expressed that the he was told that the same applies to him as it relates to being renominated.

However, he believes the political culture within the PLP remains one that is “undemocratic.”

As he made his contribution, he also expressed that he finds it hypocritical that the Members of Parliament would not allow him to speak and what occurred demonstrates an “abysmal failure of leadership.”

He told the Members of Parliament that the PLP, on its current trajectory, will not win the next general election.

“Our party has had no party conventions since 2009, which suggests that the leaders of the party have no interest in committing challenges to the party’s status quo and are still fiercely resistant to change within the organization,” Rollins said.

“The utterances by senior members of the party, suggests absolute contempt for young Bahamians. The clear message is that there is no hope for dissenting views in the PLP and the party is not in tune with the aspirations of young Bahamians.”

Rollins assured that he remains committed to fighting for a better Bahamas and building a more vibrant democracy.

Written by Jones Bahamas

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