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Roberts: Lightbourn Expressed No Regret

Progressive Liberal Party Chairman Bradley Roberts over the weekend suggested that Montague Member of Parliament (MP) Richard Lightbourn does not regret offensive remarks he made regarding single Bahamian women tying their tubes.

The Montague MP came under much criticism after proposing The Bahamas adopt a law practiced in other countries which forces women to have their tubes tied after giving birth to more than two children.

Mr. Lightbourn has since apologized for his statements, but the PLP chairman suggested despite that move, there is still cause for alarm among women.

This recommendation, made with the intent to reduce classroom sizes, and financial strain on mothers and the country, Mr. Roberts said, is sexist and a threat to women’s reproductive rights.

It is on this premise that the PLP Chairman made a call to the women of his party’s New Providence Branch, this past Sunday, urging them to strongly oppose what he deemed an “undemocratic policy and legislation designed to set The Bahamas back decades”.

“The obvious problem is that his policy and legislative proposal was a considered and pre-premeditated position developed over several paragraphs in his prepared text and not some off the cuff comment. Further nowhere does Lightbourn say that he doesn’t believe what he said – he merely regrets having voiced it,” said Mr. Roberts.

Mr. Roberts encouraged the women to agitate for the Montague MP’s retirement.

“You must ensure that Richard Lightbourn becomes such a political liability and distraction to the FNM that he is forced from the frontlines of politics and nowhere near the precincts of legislation,” he said.

“There is no place for this kind of neo-fascist Nazi misogynistic ideology in a free modern democratic Bahamas.” Mr. Roberts continued.

Meantime, the PLP Chairman asserted that Free National Movement Leader Dr. Hubert Minnis’ response to Mr. Lightbourn’s remarks is crucial, charging that it will measure the leader’s integrity and trustworthiness.

“He already dropped the ball by failing to vet what his caucus members intend to propose on behalf of the party and the country; he presided over a convention that many view as a failure, a circus and a joke, but he still has a chance to redeem himself and his leadership,” Mr. Roberts said.

Written by Jones Bahamas

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