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Prince Hepburn’s Conviction Appealed -Lawyer Cites 10 Reasons

The stage has been set for Prince Hepburn to fight his murder conviction.

Hepburn’s lead attorney Murrio Ducille yesterday filed official documents in the Court of Appeal to have the case reheard.

The 52-year-old building contractor was last week convicted of the brutal slaying of his lover Nellie Mae Brown Cox, who was hacked to death with a cutlass more than 30 times about the body.

Nine of those injuries were to Cox’s head.

Mr. Ducille on Tuesday told the Bahama Journal he has more than one reason why his client’s murder conviction should be overturned.

In fact, he said he presented 10 reasons to the appellate court.

“As far I am concerned, they are solid grounds,” he said.

“I know that the Court of Appeal do their best to try and expedite matters. They certainly don’t hold up on matters, but I cannot really predict as to when the matter will be put on the calendar to be heard, but I’m quite sure it will be quite soon.”

Last Wednesday a seven-woman, five-man jury took just over an hour to return a guilty verdict in the April 2011 murder.

During the trial, Mr. Ducille argued that his client could only be convicted on the strength of the prosecution’s case and not its weaknesses, as Hepburn’s responsibility was diminished at the time of the event.

At the time, he stressed that this is not to say his client is not responsible because he partially is, but rather that the man who sat in the box is not the man who committed the act between April 6 and 7, 2011.

But this was not enough to sway the jury.

Since being convicted, Ducille said his client has been “making do” at Her Majesty’s Prisons.

“I saw him (on Monday), he’s quite fine,” Mr. Ducille said.

“He still maintains his positive attitude because notwithstanding everything, he still believes in the system and he believes that at the end of the day, good will triumph.”

Hepburn’s sentencing has been set for May 22.

Written by Jones Bahamas

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