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Political Families Forever In Power

Democratic National Alliance (DNA) Chairman Andrew Wilson believes “big name” political families have gotten a stronghold on the country and have no plans of letting go anytime soon.

While appearing as a guest on Love 97 FM’s Talk Show Issues of the Day, Mr. Wilson said many well-known political families have split up and joined differing political organisations in an effort to always have a presence in the government and run the nation.

“Now, you find the ruling families have divided themselves,” he said.

“The Maynards, the Butlers and the Johnsons, all of them took the advice of the father of the nation [Sir Lynden Pindling] and some went to the PLP and some went to the FNM. Collectively, the same interest has been ruling this country for the last 40 years.”

Mr. Wilson was discussing the Progressive Liberal Party’s (PLP) two years in office.

He said the Free National Movement (FNM) and the PLP have proven to be two sides of the same coin.

His colleague DNA Deputy Chairman Ethric Bowe is convinced that despite how bad people think the current government is, the previous Ingraham Administration was by far “the worst the country has ever seen.”

Mr. Bowe believes the only reason the PLP won in 2012 was because the party sold Bahamians a dream they clearly could not afford.

“We elected this administration because they appeared to be the dream team,” he said.

“They presented a lot of hope. But now that you look back at it, maybe it was smoke and mirrors. They failed to deliver on things they could have delivered on. Brave Davis, walked with us, prayed with us, marched and protested with us about the roads. Bradley Roberts, the chairman of the PLP, got on the radio and television and he promised that the PLP would turn those one way roads back to what they were. They failed to do so.”

In 2012 the DNA made history by becoming the first third party to ever run contestants in all seats in a general election.

Their leader Branville McCartney had recently broken off from the FNM in hopes of becoming the next prime minister.

Both men agreed that if elections were to be called tomorrow, the DNA would be prepared to take office.

Written by Jones Bahamas

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