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PM: Leaders Can’t Be Camouflaged

Prime Minister Perry Christie has thrown another a jab at Free National Movement (FNM) Leader Dr. Hubert Minnis, by implying that Dr. Minnis is hiding based on what he perceives as his lack of speaking appearances in public forums.

His comments came yesterday while speaking at a PLP Town Hall Meeting held at the Choices Restaurant on the College of The Bahamas’ Culinary and Hospitality Management campus.

“You can’t camouflage a leader, who can’t come to a setting like this and talk in this way. You can’t hide, you can’t disguise him and if you can’t get him to do it then you know what you can’t get.

“You can’t get ability, you can’t loyalty to ideas and visions that’s what it is.

“Leadership means being able to stand and that’s what it’s all about being able to stand on the basis of truth,” Mr. Christie said.

While he did not call Dr. Minnis by name, the prime minister has made similar comments this year.

On the same night has his now infamous “bird flipping” incident, Mr. Christie hit out at Dr. Minnis for what he called a lack of oratory ability and asked supporters and the public at large if they would feel comfortable with Dr. Minnis representing them in an international arena.

During the town hall session, the prime minister also spoke at length about his confidence in the “new generation” of leadership in the Progressive Liberal Party (PLP) and the confidence he has in his secession.

“The country has changed now and the current leaders must face and adapt with the changes. We are facing a country where the leaders will go abroad and someone will put a microphone in front of their face they can’t hide, you have to speak with authority on behalf of your country.

“You see Ken Dorsett and the national acclaim he has and Jerome Fitzgerald, who our leaders and they are believable when they land in Singapore and CNN says ‘Mr. Fitzgerald how do you contrast the economy of Singapore and The Bahamas?’” Mr. Christie said.

He also reiterated his confidence in the PLP’s candidate for St. Barnabas Cheryl Bazard, who was also in attendance.

Written by Jones Bahamas

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