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PM Lays Foundation For New Bahamian Economy

Prime Minister Hon. Philip Davis

By: Keile Campbell

The Davis administration plans to “lay the foundation for the new Bahamian
economy” through the passing of new legislation.
The nation’s leader, Prime Minister Philip Davis, moved a resolution in the House
of Assembly when Parliamentarians reconvened on Wednesday thanking Governor
General Cynthia Pratt for the Speech from the Throne which she delivered on
October 4 th at the opening of a new Parliamentary session.
Prime Minister Davis in his contribution to the resolution gave a preview of the
legislative agenda that the government will embark on in this session of
“The new Registrar General Bill will pave the way for a modern registrar with
greater online accessibility. The Consumer Protection Bill will protect the
Bahamian public from misleading and dishonest business practices, allow for
formal complaints to be made by consumers, and strengthen our existing laws to
account for 21st-century developments, such as e-commerce activities.
“The new Economic Empowerment Zone Legislation will outline the incentives
and concessions available in specific geographic areas in The Bahamas. This is a
critical step that enterprising nations take to ensure that opportunities are mapped
out and investments are made strategically. This was a key promise made in our
Blueprint for Change, as we pledged to deliver major investment reforms,” Prime
Minister Davis explained.
“So, for example, we would now have an idea of the economic value and profit to
be made from natural resources in any given area, so that we would have standards
in place and be able to advise investors as they invest in key resources like
Cascarilla bark in Acklins and Crooked Island.
“As we seek to attract investors to our shores and empower domestic
entrepreneurs, we must modernize our Intellectual Property regime. This is critical
as we invest in our orange economy,” the prime minister added
Opportunities to Bahamians in the Orange and Blue Economies is also on the
Davis administrations agenda through the establishment of a performing arts centre
as well as laying down the legislative framework to allow for the National
Apprenticeship Program, in an effort to particularly ensure opportunities are
available for the next generation of Bahamians.

Apart of that effort is ensuring school children receive their first and most
important meal of the day.
“That is why we launched the National School Breakfast Programme pilot scheme,
which is expected to supplement their nutritional needs and improve attendance
and learning outcomes. This Programme is a pilot, which means that when we
assess its operations in a few months, we will make the necessary tweaks and
logistical adjustments as we prepare to develop a model that we can scale up to
cover the entire nation.
“Once again, this is how strategic development is done. And yes, you will hear
about this Programme in our next budget and the budget after that, because this is
intended to be a permanent programme that will impact the lives of our children
for years to come.
“We are preparing the next generation for opportunities within the Orange and
Blue Economies, as we introduce a National Maritime Instruction and Training
Bill and complete the necessary preparations for the first-ever National School for
Creative and Performing Arts.
Our investments in our young people don’t end there. The National Apprenticeship
Bill is also being drafted for the anticipated launch of the National Apprenticeship
Programme in the near future. The National Youth Commission Bill and National
Service Bills will also be rolled out during this legislative session, as we provide
opportunities for growth, development, and enrichment for our young people,”
Prime Minister Davis said
The Davis administration’s legislative agenda for national development centres
around one key word: security – personal, economic and national security.
The prime minister spoke of an introduction of new bills in an effort to aid in the
national security effort.
“During this legislative session, we will introduce amendments to the Defence
Force Act and we will introduce a Royal Bahamas Defence Force Cadets Bill to
allow the Rangers to become an official youth arm of the Defence Force. The
Immigration Act will be amended to reflect our current immigration realities, and
regulations will be introduced to govern the operation of the Detention Centre in
accordance with international best practices,” Prime Minister Davis said.
“To aid the fight against crime, we will introduce a slate of new Bills, including the
National Security Council Bill, National Intelligence Bill, and the Conditional

Release of Offenders Bill. We will also introduce anti-gang legislation and
amendments to the Firearms Act to require safety training for every license holder.
New legislation will be introduced for Cyber Crimes and a new Data Protection
Act will be introduced.
“These new laws will support the actions we are already taking to secure our
borders, our communities, and our streets. Defence Force Patrols will continue at
the same intensity, and the base in Inagua will continue to be a vital asset in
managing our undocumented migrant situation.”
He acknowledged that the Parliamentary session is ‘ambitious’, however, the
prime minister says that the passing of laws is just the first step towards effective
action. Its success or failure though will be determined by the lives rehabilitated,
communities made safer, and efforts to preserve justice as well as security.
He added that though his administration has made progress in two years, it is not
enough considering families are struggling, education is in need of remediation and
the public health care system is not where it should be.
The Prime Minister vowed that at the end of his term in office, Bahamians will see
their country in a more prosperous state.

Written by Jones Bahamas

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