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Pilot’s Family Disputes Minister’s Claim

The family of missing pilot, Byron Ferguson contends that he did file a flight plan, despite conflicting reports that he did not. 

Still hoping and while still carrying on searches of their own, young Ferguson’s brother, Bjorn Ferguson said his brother who has at least 20-years of experience flying did file a flight plan, something the family and Air Accident Investigation Department have been able to confirm with Civil Aviation. 

However, National Security Minister, Marvin Dames told reporters otherwise outside Cabinet Tuesday morning.

Mr. Dames told reporters that persons should be careful in their speculations concerning the incident Thursday night. 

“We  have to be careful in how we are reporting, because this is sensitive and as I speak to you,  the only thing I am thinking about  is the family and what they are going through, and me having to be very careful as to what I say as to not exacerbate a very, very sensitive situation. 

“So, our hearts go out to the family. I know a few of them and we will continue to do whatever we can to ensure that we work to bring some closure to this matter,” Mr. Dames said. 

As for failed attempts to secure the ill-fated aircraft once it was spotted shortly after crashing in waters off Nirvana Beach Thursday night, Minister Dames said there are a number of reasons this may not have happened.

“When they were approaching, a little piece of the aircraft could have been seen.  As they got close the aircraft disappeared. 

“So, we have to be extremely careful when we say aircraft;  we give the impression that here is this big aircraft that they saw lying on the water; that is not so. 

“We have to leave it up to the search team and the investigators to let them do their jobs and not muddle what they are doing,” said the Minister. 

The family says this  contradicts what the  person  in charge of the search and rescue would have reported, that initially the plane was found. 

Mr. Dames  suggested that there could be a number of reasons divers were not sent into waters on last Thursday, procurement of life being one of them. 

“Those teams out there have been working tirelessly, and always remember in search and rescue, when teams are out there and they’re working their  first area of focus is the protection of life.

“You are trying to preserve or trying to protect the life of those who may have been involved in the incident; but we have to always be cognizant that we also have to ensure, that’s the first responders that is, and this is no different anywhere the world over, they  have to ensure that they too preserve their lives. 

“Often times they are going to a very, very risky and dangerous situation, where one bad decision could result in them losing their lives as well,” Mr. Dames said. 

The Ferguson’s family have gotten local and foreign pilots to assist with an aerial search of the Nirvana Beach and surrounding areas. 

Written by Jones Bahamas

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