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Pastor: Referendum Can Hijack Country


President of Bahamas Global Impact Prayer and Fasting Network, Pastor Jeremiah Duncombe, has called for the country to pray corporately in an effort to prevent the country from being “hijacked” as a result of the upcoming referendum addressing gender equality.


During a press conference yesterday, Pastor Duncombe said while Bahamians are faced with the critical issue of voting on the four constitutional amendments in a few weeks, his organisation is calling the nation to 40 days of prayer and fasting, repentance, and thanksgiving.


“The first is to pray for the people of The Bahamas to seek God’s wisdom and guidance for voting on the four proposed Constitutional Amendment Bills,” he said.


“Pray for Christians on both sides of the campaign to be in goodwill with each other exercising God given will of free choice and freedom of speech democracy we enjoy as Bahamian citizens. Pray ongoing specific target prayers for each of The Bahamas’ thirty eight island constituencies.” Pastor Duncombe said.


Pastor Duncombe said his organisation is also advocating for “no change to the preamble to the constitution.


“We believe that the preamble to the constitution of             The Bahamas is unique in its inclusion of our traditional Judeo-Christian concepts, which are based on The Bible, and which is an element that we should maintain. Thus, we are advocating that it remains unchanged.” he said.


Recently, Pastor Duncombe revealed his position on the matter, lamenting that the constitution should not be changed, suggesting the change will threaten the holy institution of marriage.


He added that if the amendments are made, it will open the doorway for many issues including homosexuality.


Meantime, the pastor yesterday made a call to individuals and groups opposed to bill number four.


“We are encouraging all groups who perceive a challenge with any of the four proposed constitutional amendments, to work together, while maintaining their individual focus.


“We believe that when Christians prevail in unceasing prayer that God will intervene, no matter how long His timing of intervention takes, in changing hearts to make a difference in morality, spiritual reformation of people’s lives, in bringing unity of purpose and peace to the city, healing and divine protection for our beloved country.” he said.


The corporate time of prayer is scheduled to take place beginning April 29, 2016 to June 7th, 2016, the day of the referendum.










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