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Pair Convicted Of Triple Manslaughter To Be Sentenced

Shawn Knowles and Timothy Saunders responsible for the deaths of three friends were to be sentenced Tuesday afternoon however Justice Stephen Isaacs instead gave a written sentence date.

The two males were tried and convicted by an 8-4 guilty verdict jury for causing the deaths of Chackara Rahming, Erica Ward and Edward Braynen.

Knowles was further accused and charged with two counts of possessing a firearm and one count of possession of ammunition..

During final submissions following the questioning of two probation officers, Knowles’ lawyer Romona Farquharson requested that the courts consider rehabilitation rather than retribution.

She asked that Knowles be sentenced on the lesser end of the spectrum whereas sentencing times for manslaughter based on precedent cases range from four years to 20 years.

Mrs. Farquharson told the courts that based on her client’s rough past he may not have acquired the proper triaging to deal with adult pressures of society.

“Quite significant what we heard, it is clear that he did not have the best upbringing,” she said.

Also from peers and probation offer Stubbs testimony, she said her client remained a productive member of society.

Saunders’ lawyer, Lennox Coleby requested the same for his client.

Prosecutor Cordell Frazier however asked that the court pay attention to the aggravating factors and not the mitigating factors.

Ms. Frazier told Justice Isaacs that when deciding to sentence the two males the court consider the seriousness of the males’ offences, the prevalence of such offences in society and the loss of three innocent lives.

The two will return to court for sentencing on August 4.


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