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Officers Charged With Stealing

Two police officers will not be facing jail time after admitting to robbing a local cell phone store of merchandise under $500 dollars.


Ricardo Henry Bain, a 44-year-old former veteran of the Royal Bahamas Police Force (RBPF) for 26 years and Herman Pinder, 31, also a former officer of seven years pleaded guilty to a charge of stealing before Magistrate Andrew Forbes.


Police reports indicate that the two officers responded to a reported robbery at the BTC store on John F Kennedy Drive on April 29th.


It was reported that while on the scene, the two officers stole three Samsung Galaxy cellphones.


Police say during the investigation, after footage was found of the officers stealing, they were confronted, however did not admit to theft until the footage was shown.


The full cost of of the cellphones stolen was $435 dollars.


In court on Monday, the men pleaded guilty to the charges.


Counsel for Pinder, Devard Francis said his client did seek to waste the court’s time and he admitted to stealing the phones the first chance he got.


He added that Pinder is penitent, remorseful and and is the breadwinner of his household.


Mr. Francis also went on to ask the courts to give Pinder anything but a custodial sentence such as community service or a fine.


He said that Pinder realizes that he made a mistake and begs for mercy. He also said that so far the pair has suffered embarrassment via social media.


Counsel for Bain said that he is considered the breadwinner of his home and has to support two kids.


She added that he is remorseful and simply made a bad judgment.


She also asked for anything but a custodial sentence.


Magistrate Forbes scolded both officers for admitting to doing wrong.


“I’m always lost for words when I have persons before me who have been designated with principle responsibility,” Magistrate Forbes said.


The magistrate added that he cannot quite grasp how the officers, who were supposed to be investigating the break in, instead helped themselves to merchandise.


“How does one make that leap mentally? An officer with 26 years makes that decision,” the magistrate questioned.


“That would not even make sense on the simplest level. And now here we are.”


A fine of $3,000 was imposed to be paid by Friday and if not paid, the pair would spend 18 months behind bars.


After giving his sentence, the judge said that situations such as this create skepticism in society and it makes citizens feel as though they cannot trust the police.

Written by Jones Bahamas

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