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Nation Builders Honoured


Thirteen seniors were honoured as nation builders for their various contributions to the country and their respective communities during an awards ceremony at Government House Monday.

The 15th Annual Nation Builder Awards Ceremony was the climax of a month-long list of activities held in observance of Older Persons Month.

The honourees, whose ages ranged from 82-years to 97-years, are a part of a group that the United Nations has recognised as the growing aging population with the number of people 60-years or older expected to triple by 2050.

Minister of Social Services Melanie Griffin used her remarks at yesterday’s late morning ceremony to call for a commitment to ensuring that older persons are given the respect and recognition that they deserve.

Mrs. Griffin said the country must ensure that older persons are included in all areas of society.

“It is so important for us to tell their story so that those of us who come behind and generations yet to come can be shown the right path,” said Mrs. Griffin.

The minister also applauded the accomplishments of the 13 honourees and noted that even when faced with hardships, they pressed on and now their lives should serve as models for generations to come.

Mrs. Griffin added that in a time when individualism has become the order of the day and selfishness and greed ring high in society, reflecting on the traditions of the country’s older persons can help to bring clarity and hope.

“The sad reality is that too many of us are only looking out for ourselves and our families and as long as me, my and mine are taken care of, all is fine,” Mrs. Griffin said.

“But this has not been the case with our honourees today. They are of the generation who made sure that whatever they had they shared with others. Whatever the field yielded –whether it was cassava, corn or peas everyone got their little packet – when the bread was baked, everyone got their loaf and when the soup was cooked – everyone got their little bowl. What to God we could see more of that today.”

This year’s honourees included Reverend Bosfield Bethel, Lilian Dean Humes, Leonard Edward Knowles, Louise Smith, Mildred McNeil, Lovely Jane Miller, Monis Alexander Moss, Ercin Eugene Gibson, Pearl Moxey, Veronica Pintard, Mildren Allen Thompson, Mary Justina Toote and Beryl Mae Wright.

Since its inception back in 1997, the Ministry of Social Services which spearheads the event has awarded over 150 seniors as nation-builders.

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