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Mitchell: Race for PLP Chairman Turns Nasty

Fred Mitchell and Robyn Lynes will contest the PLP chairman position today at
the party’s convention.

The Progressive Liberal Party’s 55 th National Convention continues today at Baha
Mar with the morning sessions closed to the media and public, with the evening
sessions open and televised.
The race for chairman will take place today, and along with the deputy chairman
and vice chairman positions will be the only major positions contested as party
leader and Prime Minister Philip Davis, along with party Deputy Leader and
Deputy Prime Minister Chester Cooper, would be unopposed.
While in West Grand Bahama on the by-election campaign trail last weekend,
Prime Minister Davis touted the unity within the PLP party despite contentious
moments that may arise between various members as is the case in the race for
chairman that saw a public spat between incumbent Fred Mitchell and challenger
Shane Gibson.
Mr. Gibson eventually withdrew from the race and placed his support behind
former senator Robyn Lynes.

On Monday, in a voice note to members of the PLP, Mr. Mitchell who campaigned
nationwide, said he was baffled by all of the attention the race for PLP chairman
has received, while reiterating he has the support of the party leader.
He said, “I was in Exuma, Harbour Island, North South and Central Eleuthera and I
am particularly moved by the affections for the PLP cause despite all of the nasty
stuff that is being spun around about me by opponents, but this seems to have had
the opposite effect.
“The Prime Minister Philip Davis is highly regarded in the PLP and the wider
group and most people wanted to know what was his position; my response was to
quote our Deputy Prime Minister and Deputy Leader Chester Cooper who told his
members in Exuma that the leader of the party had made it clear that Fred Mitchell
was his man and that we are all a part of a team. Again, I am fascinated by why
they find this race for chairman of the PLP to be of so much interest at all,” said
Mr. Mitchell.
Although he did not call her by name, on Wednesday Mr. Mitchell implied that
supporters of Mrs. Lynes have resorted to nasty campaign tactics, especially on
social media, and that he is surprised she would associate herself with such
He said, “Generally speaking, it has been a good campaign, save for some
miscreants who sought not to appeal to policy but to prejudice, seeking to
portray a dedicated public servant who crafted a new constitution, put in place
a training program module for candidates or aspirants, defended the party at
every turn and every corner and most importantly, in recent times, refused to
return to the past.”
Continuing he said, “The memes passing around from opponents are shameful
and shady and nasty, and yet you ask yourself, why would any candidate who
wants to be chair would be associated with matters that are so prejudicial. It’s
very, very sad. Power cannot be that sweet.
“But this race is not about gender bias or feminism or ageism. This is about a
simple request of all delegates to the PLP convention. So, whether you are

poor or rich, whether young or not so young, in Abaco or Inagua, all of our
islands in fact, to be brave and support Philip ‘Brave’ Davis, our leader and
prime minister on Friday, November 10, 2023 by voting for Fred Mitchell,
that’s me, for chairman of the PLP.”
Meanwhile, in a message shared in a political WhatsApp group, Mrs. Lynes said
she was remaining respectful in the campaign.
She also claims that her character has been attacked and her motives for contesting
the chairman post questioned.
However, Mrs. Lynes who has served as the PLP Vice Chairman and Deputy
Chairman said she has remains focused, respectful and honest in her campaign.
Again, the PLP convention continues today at Baha Mar with closed morning
sessions, with the evening session beginning at 7 p.m. and open to the public. You
can also watch a live TV stream of the convention on JCN TV14 beginning at 8
p.m. on cable channel 214.

Written by Jones Bahamas

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