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Minister Refutes Tampering Allegations


Progressive Liberal Party (PLP) Pineridge candidate Dr. Michael Darville said all recent allegations made against him, which also claims that he was involved with ballot tampering, are false.


Dr. Darville appeared on a ZNS radio talk show yesterday where he refuted and dismissed the allegations as “fallacious” and desperate attempts by the Free National Movement (FNM) to attack his integrity, smear the reputation of the PLP and manipulate Bahamians into voting for the opposition.


He said as Election Day approaches, the FNM’s tactics of lies, personal attacks and slander are increasing and will continue to intensify because the FNM is seeking to win by any means necessary.


“From the very onset the FNM has run their campaign based on propaganda because they lack vision and a plan for moving this country forward,” Dr. Darville said. “Their claim that ‘it’s the people’s time’ is questionable, considering numerous public threats to the livelihoods of Bahamians.”


According to Dr. Darville, allegations also circulated via social media in a bogus message, claiming that he was involved with the hiring of teachers.


“I have no jurisdiction over the hiring of any teachers in the Ministry of Education,” he said. “The principal of the school in reference will make a statement at a later date confirming the falsehood of this rumor.”


Dr. Darville also noted that it is unfortunate that his security aide, a private citizen, was vilified in another phony message, which was circulated via social media with the intention of discrediting him for political gain.


However, he said the PLP is the only party that has a viable plan for growth, development, advancement and the desire to move The Bahamas forward.


“I would also like to reiterate to the residents of Grand Bahama specifically, of this party’s commitment to ensuring that Grand Bahama is revitalized and its residents receive maximum benefits from all government initiatives,” Dr. Darville said.


“I also admonish the electorate to examine our candidates, check our record of performance in our communities, the transformative initiatives made by this administration, as well as our accomplishments throughout our island and country; and decide on Election Day to move forward together with the PLP.”





Written by Jones Bahamas

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