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A police involved shooting yesterday claimed the life of one man off of Joe Farrington Road. 

According to Assistant Commissioner of Police  Solomon Cash, sometime after 1:25 pm police launched a man hunt operation in the area to locate a wanted suspect. 

The suspect was said to be wanted by the police force for  a number of violent crimes. 

Mr. Cash said, “the officers went in separate directions behind the houses in this shanty town when they encountered the suspect.”

He added that during the time the officer approached the suspect, who identified himself, the suspect produced a long blade silver knife; and attacked the officer. 

“The officer in a struggle with the suspect was trying to disarm the suspect. However,  the officer being I fear for his life, produced his service revolver and shot the suspect several times, which caused him to succumb to his injuries.”, he said. 


Mr. Cash also told reporters on the scene that the deceased is suspected to be between the ages of 20-25 and of both Bahamian and Haitian descent.

Amid growing public concern last year  of 11 police involved shootings,  Mr. Cash said, “If a matter is brought to the police  attention, if a suspect is wanted for any crime and the police has reason to go and arrest them, if these suspects are violently attacking the police ,producing weapons that can result in the death of an officer,  officers know from their training that if they are in fear for their life, they will use their revolver or pistol to protect themselves from any harm.”


Considering the amount of criminal activity in the area, the ACP said residents can expect a sweep in the near future.

Written by Jones Bahamas

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