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LPP Bemoans Failed Model

Lighthouse Point Partners (LLP) says it is regrettable that the government has capitulated to the demands of Disney Cruise Lines.

The group is among those expressing disappointment about cabinet’s decision regarding Disney’s acquisition of Lighthouse Point in Eleuthera.

It argued that the government, is perpetuating a failed model, with limited spend by cruise passengers on the island of Eleuthera, compared to stayover visitors, with no chance of Bahamian ownership of the core enterprise.

The group further argued that their full proposal, which was submitted to the government on September 28, 2018, creates more, and better paying jobs for the people of South Eleuthera, with broad and meaningful involvement by Bahamian investors, environmental organizations and local hoteliers.

They said Disney’s proposal will not have any meaningful impact on the employment of persons in South Eleuthera until at least 2023.

LPP added that the funds for the construction of Disney’s quarter of a billion-dollar pier, will be spent with a US firm, with Bahamian contractors receiving little to nothing.

The partners said that by agreeing to continue with this outdated model of exclusive island cruise ports, the government will not be broadening Bahamian ownership and entrepreneurial opportunities for the people of South Eleuthera.

The Lighthouse Point Partners, which includes The Leon Levy Foundation, The Bahamas National Trust, The One Eleuthera Foundation, and The Island School, pledged to continue advocating for a sustainable model for development in Eleuthera and The Bahamas through constructive engagement with civil society, the government and the business community. 

Written by Jones Bahamas

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