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Junkanoo Judging Changes–Saxons and Valley Leaders Not Happy

Come next month, the two major Junkanoo parades will be judged based on a new system; a change that has been rejected by the two largest groups.

Leaders of the Valley Boys and the Shell Saxon Superstars claim they had not even voted on the changes.

In a press statement yesterday, the two noted that they were not even invited to participate in the vote that the Junkanoo Corporation of New Provide (JCNP) alleges was done democratically.

“No notice was given forecasting proposed changes to the judging and scoring system for the A Division,” the leaders said.

“The proposed systems were not vetted by our JCNP members, representatives or groups. It is apparent that other groups had conspired to bring and support this motion without a proper debate or consultations with members of the affected groups.”

The Junkanoo leaders further point out that it is too late to make changes to the system as the Boxing Day and New Year’s Day parades are just weeks away.

But, JCNP Chairman, Silbert Ferguson insists the rules have in no way changed or been altered.

He said he would not get in public disputes with representatives from the Saxons or the Valley Boys as they have not done so within the past nine years.

“We are pleased that we have finally arrived at a system this year that is simplified, and one which allows for greater transparency,” he said.

“When we have our disagreements, we hash them out in our meetings. We don’t go out to the media and all those other places to air our dirty laundry.”

Mr. Ferguson said when the vote was taken, it came back 14-0, which means that both groups decided not to participate in it.
One portion of the new judging system addresses the number of judges.

There will now be 90 judges; 30 in each of the three categories.

Leaders of the Valley Boys and the Saxons said of all six of the Category A groups, the record would reflect that they produced “quality presentations” over the past 50 years.

Written by Jones Bahamas

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