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Johnson Supports PM’s Move to ‘Take Country Back’

Minister of Immigration Elsworth Johnson agreed with the prime minister that the government should put Bahamians first and take the country back, as illegal immigration has placed a heavy burden on The Bahamas. 

On Monday, Prime Minister Dr. Hubert Minnis announced that there will be strike force established to aggressively pursue illegal migrants in The Bahamas.

It’s no secret that many believe illegal migrants put a heavy burden on the country’s purse in the areas of education, welfare and health services.

However, Johnson said, “In a humane way, this how we are going to conduct ourselves. We have no more space in the schools and we don’t have any monies to build anymore. We don’t have any more beds in the hospital.” 

He added that at some point, when it comes to education, Bahamians must acknowledge that 50 students in a classroom is disservice and there is only so some much a population of 400,000 can take. 

Johnson confirmed that when matters related to immigration are being addressed, the government is speaking from a place of truth and speaking without fear.

“When speaking to issues, we are being dispassionate, when speaking without fear or favour and or ill will. These are the norm around the world. We are careful to say we protect the fundamental human rights around everybody,” he said.

“Everything that is done at the Department of Immigration is designed to protect the boarders of The Bahamas.” 

Written by Jones Bahamas

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