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Griffin: Many Online Opportunities For Bahamians

Minister of Social Services and Community Development Melanie Griffin believes creating business opportunities on the World Wide Web can provide many young Bahamians with countless opportunities.

“While the government has underscored its commitment to ensure that the greatest number of employment opportunities exists locally, young Bahamians should not dismiss the idea that entrepreneurship, namely new business developments through online markets and social networking websites, are lucrative ways of doing business,” Mrs. Griffin said.

She said numerous small business opportunities exist in the technology, internet and social media fields.

She said when combined with government initiatives, greater opportunities will be created for more Bahamians through entrepreneurship.

Mrs. Griffin said individuals who think outside of the box, have the opportunity to write their own ticket.

“The many advances in technology through the social media and the diverse opportunities that exist as a result of those new technological advances have created newer job opportunities for persons globally. These new opportunities have allowed a large number of global citizens to become successful entrepreneurs. Millions of people around the world work without leaving their homes and Bahamians have the capability to take advantage of those opportunities just as our global counterparts have done,” Mrs. Griffin said.

“The computers which you have grown up with and use every day for social purposes also allow you access to the world of work. Platforms such as LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter and Google, while often used for socialising, can also help you to land jobs and earn a salary. Unlike past generations, you have much greater control over your careers and your long-term success.”

With an increasing number of businesses merging their products and services to online hubs, Mrs. Griffin said thousands of young Bahamians who are in the process of graduating from high school should begin to “think outside of the box” and take advantage of the “myriad of new opportunities for employment,” through doing business online.

“Here are some realities for you to know now that you have graduated. Firstly, no one owes you a job. You will have to prove why you should get one over all the other persons out there in the job market,” Mrs. Griffin said.

“Secondly, the government cannot hire everyone. I would venture to say that a significant portion of the work force is seeking ‘a government job.’ Thirdly, there are more than 5,000 graduates each year in The Bahamas, more than two million in the United States of America and almost 100 million worldwide. In this global village in which we live, that means that there is a lot of competition for employment.”

This competition, Mrs. Griffin said, has driven entrepreneurship with persons using the social media and other “honest outlets” to create job opportunities for themselves and others.

“Unlike many other countries, The Bahamas is politically and economically stable with very little gender discrimination. This means that whether you are male or female you have an equal right to employment. Even better news is that there are many more platforms for you to use to earn an honest living,” she said.

The minister’s comments to thousands of young Bahamians were in line with a new product launched by the Bank of The Bahamas which now allows Bahamian businesses, which are equipped with websites, to conduct business transactions online.

BOB Retail Sales Manager Ian Thompson told the Bahama Journal that the groundbreaking e-commerce platform is being used by local mega companies, but small business proprietors can benefit from it as well.

Mr. Thompson noted that young Bahamians have just as much opportunities to take advantage of the new service which provides them with the speed, accuracy and safety while offering customers the ease of doing business over the internet.

Written by Jones Bahamas

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