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Gray: PM Can’t Resign

Alfred Gray_AgricultureOn the heels of calls for Prime Minister Perry Christie’s resignation, Agriculture Minister and MICAL Member of Parliament (MP) V. Alfred Gray strongly objected to those calls, deeming the request in essence, “stupidness”, when he spoke to reporters outside cabinet yesterday.

Last week, Opposition Leader Dr. Hubert Minnis and Democratic National Alliance Leader Branville Mccartney after observing British Prime Minister David Cameron’s decision to resign subsequent to leading a failed referendum, called for Mr. Christie to follow suit, in light of the country’s recent failed gender equality referendum.

Last week Thursday, British Prime Minister Cameron decided to resign after the UK voted to leave the European Union.

Mr. Cameron had urged the UK to vote remain.

Mr. Gray said if Mr. Christie should resign, so should a few others.

“I think it’s heightened stupidity because when you look at the referendum and the genesis of it, if Mr. Christie should go, the least I should say is that Minnis should also go; because if Minnis stands in the House of Assembly, and supports the referendum and the questions thereof, every well thinking Bahamian must know that it was not a political issue because had it been a political issue the opposition would have taken their stand not to support it,” Mr. Gray said.

Mr. Gray added that while he thinks it is utter “stupidity” to request Mr. Christie’s resignation, he said the circumstances surrounding Prime Minister Cameron’s move is so much different.

“I think the British Prime Minister resigned on a matter of principle, because as prime minister, he could not support the break away. It’s a different matter,” he said.

“If something happens you cannot live with in any government, the right thing to do would be to resign if you can’t live with the results. Who’s saying Christie or Minnis can’t live with the results? I think it’s a matter of political pandering,” Mr. Gray added.

Mr. Christie previously said he will not step down, as he believes Bahamians voted the way they did, as a payback to the government.






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