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Gov’t To Police Web Shops Zones

Tourism Minister Obie Wilcombe says more workers are needed to ensure web shops are following zoning requirements for gaming houses.

The minister added that they will continue to reduce the number of gaming houses.

“We are bringing on more officers because one of the reasons that we do not have all of the areas properly is because we do not have all of the officers we need. We need officers in Grand Bahamas, Abaco, Bimini and wherever any of the houses are.

“We have reduced the number of houses in The Bahamas and we will continue to bring the number of houses down.”

The gaming houses premises licensing process had reduced the number of web shop locations in The Bahamas by 44 per cent – from 635 – pre legislation to last February.

However, some operators questioned zoning regulations on an island, which is greatly populated as New Providence.

“We have to wait and see how everything plays out moving forward. It doesn’t make a lot of sense. It’s basically impossible to do when you look at Nassau. You’re talking about an island 21 miles by seven miles, and everything is already built up,” Pete Deveaux, head of Percy’s at Island Game recently told the media.

“It’s [the proposed zoning regulations] basically saying the ones who are where they are, that’s it, and so the strong only get stronger. There are only so many people that play numbers.”

People that weren’t playing before are not playing today because it’s now legal or because we are now advertising. Not one new player came to the game. If they didn’t play before they aren’t playing now.”

Earlier this year, zoning regulations were being controlled as to where web shops could be located mainly in regards to schools, churches and residential areas.

“We started with 16 that weren’t registered and now we are down to nine registered,” Minister Wilchcombe said.

“We want to make sure that as far as zoning is concerned that they meet all of the requirements such as distances from schools and other things.”

Eight companies have received a conditional web shop gaming licenses.

They are the FML Group of Companies trading as (t/a) FML Webshop; GLK Ltd t/a A Sure Win; Jarol Investments Ltd t/a Chances Games; Paradise Games Bahamas Ltd t/a Paradise Games; Playtech Systems Ltd t/a Island Luck; T.I.G Investments Ltd t/a Percy’s at the Island Game; The Four Point Group Trading t/a Asue Draw + Spin; and Bahama Dream Web Café Ltd t/a Bahama Dreams.






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