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Galanis: MP Proposed Salary Increase Ill-timed

Former Progressive Liberal Party Member of Parliament  Philip Galanis said that the recent promise by Prime Minister, Dr. Hubert Minnis is ill-timed  and needs an independent commission to review the salaries of the entire public sector if an increase is to be considered for sitting Members of Parliament.

The former Senator said that he does not see the necessity of a pay increase now.

“All I would say about the increase in parliamentary salaries is that I think  its ill-timed. I don’t know why it’s necessary to be raising that issue now,  when they have only been in office for six months.

“The Prime Minister said that he will do this in this in the next budget cycle.

“If he would listen to advice of those who share a different view on this, I think what he ought to do is to appoint an independent commission to review the salaries of all persons in the public sector,” Mr. Galanis said.

Speaking with the Bahama Journal, Mr. Galanis further said  that he is of the opinion that the prime minister did not think his promise thoroughly through before making the statement.

“When you make these kinds of off the mark comments, what tends to happen is that you don’t think it through sufficiently and understand what the unintended consequences are.

“I don’t think that even his Cabinet Ministers where aware that he was going to make that announcement.

Based on what I’ve seen in the newspapers recently with members of the Cabinet saying that they have no comment to make on this, it suggests to me that they were not aware that this was going to happen, and they were blindsided by the prime minister’s remarks,” Mr. Galanis stated.

Mr. Galanis further stated that under the Westminster System, such a statement, as made by the prime minister falls on the Cabinet Ministers.

“We operate under the Westminster system. The  Cabinet is collectively responsible for its actions and  there ought to be greater discussions around the Cabinet table.

“If  they are going to work as a cohesive team and be collectively responsible,  they need to sit around the table and make a determination; but  only after there has been broad consultation and considered review about whether or not it is appropriate and what is the appropriate amount of salaries that members ought to be increased by,” Mr. Galanis said.

Last week  Dr. Minnis told members of  the House of Assembly  that during the next budget he will “come forward with a pay increase” for members of parliament.

Written by Jones Bahamas

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