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Former Officer Blames Judiciary For Escalating Crime


Steven-GreensladeFormer officer and Democratic National Alliance candidate, Stephen Greenslade suggests that judicial system is to blame for the escalating crime more so than the police.


“I’m curious whether or not our investigative strategies are thorough enough to ensure that the evidence we are gathering is strong enough during the prosecution process and the results of the trial are accurate.”Mr. Greenslade said.


“It takes time to close a case, especially serious matters if you don’t have the level of resources available to you, and the main part of that resource base is intelligence.”


Mr. Greenslade suggests the police are doing their best when it comes to crime.


He claims from his own experience of working in the law enforcement he knows that certain matters require a certain length of time, and he suggests that as of recently the more serious matters have been abruptly discontinued.


“I think the police are doing a lot in an effort to keep crime down, but the only thing that concerns me to a certain extent is the time frame in which serious matters are being noted as closed or persons are appearing before the court.”Mr. Greenslade said.


He says this is something he is curious about not so much concerned on.


“Well I think the police can continue some of the proactive initiatives that I’ve seen recently especially the exercise in the Kemp Road area where you had a concentration or focus in one zone and I think that reaped some results.”


Mr. Greenslade praises the exercises performed in Kemp Road where they blocked off areas and discovered a number of weapons


He said, “If we do more proactive exercises, I think it can help us solve and uncover a lot more.”


He also continued, “While the police are closing matters in a quick fashion, we’d have to see whether or not those efforts follow through all through the prosecutor process to the end of the matter and into the rehabilitative stage for the individual or the defender.”


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