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FNM: PLP Victimised ‘Chrissy Love’

Following the dismissal of a popular morning talk show host from the state-run ZNS Network, the Free National Movement (FNM) has alleged that the Progressive Liberal Party (PLP) has reverted to its old ways of victimising Bahamians.

On Monday, veteran talk show host and broadcaster Christina ‘Chrissy Love’ Thompson was relieved of her duties as host of the popular Immediate Response morning talk show on Monday.

In a press statement issued Tuesday, the FNM condemned the dismissal, calling it an “uncalled for and unwarranted termination.”

“How quickly the PLP has quickly returned to its old ways. The Christie Government has launched its victimisation campaign. We condemn this rank discrimination and victimisation of a Bahamian professional who has made a significant contribution to her profession,” the FNM party said.

Following her termination from the ZNS Network, Ms. Thompson announced her departure from the government corporation via a status on her Facebook account.

“Today I am free from the government. Thank you for all your calls, texts, messages, love and concern. And thank you to the new Minister of Broadcasting, Dr. Bernard Nottage for believing in me . . . a Bahamian. Give thanks,” she said.

Her comment was a tongue in cheek reference to the PLP’s mantra of believing in Bahamians and putting Bahamians first.

As news spread about Thompson’s dismissal on Monday, fans expressed their views on the popular social networking site as well.

“It’s unbelievable; it’s unthinkable how the PLP is so spiteful. We love you and miss you. All the best in the future. You are already missed from Immediate Response,” Lillian Carey said.

“It is evident that freedom of speech does not exist in this country. You can’t even have an opinion for the fear of being blacklisted. Chrissy, you are by far one of the realest people in Nassau and yes you pushed the edge at times, but that is what people respect about you, the ability to keep it real. This is such a sad reality check Bahamians,” Margaret Glynatsis said.

“I am very happy that she is gone. I mean the [expletive] acted as if she was on a high pedestal. She does not even like or care for Bahamians. All she did was talk negativity towards us. So happy,” Javonne Winder said.

“When she came on the radio on Tuesday after the general election, it was as if she had a vengeance against the government. She had all sorts of negative things to say about the new government and she did not care to hide her political persuasion. Prior to the election she appeared to be ambiguous about her political persuasion, but after the FNM lost office, she came on air spewing insults at the government and spoke to call-in guests very rudely,” said one man who spoke to the Journal on condition of anonymity.

The FNM reminded that Prime Minister Perry Christie had stated that no government of his would allow such victimisation.

“We call on the prime minister to stop the victimisation of Chrissy Love,” the statement said.

In a press statement Monday afternoon, the ZNS Network via a press statement acknowledged that it and Ms. Thompson had reached a mutual decision to end their professional relationship.

Written by Jones Bahamas

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  1. What I find to be unbelievable, is that when Mr. Ingrahm fire Lady Russell & Steve Mckinney on the night of there victory at Clifford Park. FNM’s cheered there approval. When Mr. Ingram fired PLP’s his supporters cheered. What do you call these actions, and you’ll talking about Victimisation ….UNBELIABLE!!!


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