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Famous Astronaut To Visit The Bahamas

American Astronaut Scott Kelly, who has boasted about The Bahamas being “the most beautiful place”, will come to face with that beauty this month.

Mr. Kelly, who spent a year in space, has over 1 million followers on Twitter.

He often tweeted about The Bahamas giving the country out of this world promotion.

“Had first video conference with my youngest daughter today; showed her the most beautiful place from space. #Bahamas. The #Bahamas never fails to impress! A splash of #EarthArt over The Bahamas! Bahamas, I’ve missed seeing your beauty out my window. Welcome back,” Mr. Kelly tweeted.

Director General of Tourism, Joy Jibrilu said it is through such international faces that The Bahamas tourism package continues to be sold globally.

“There is nothing more powerful than the organic advertising from social influencers and celebrities. Astronaut Scott Kelly’s Bahamas tweets of The Bahamas was a true highlight. Over 251,000 stories were written globally about this,” Mrs. Jibrilu said.

The astronaut is so impressed by the islands’ beauty that without hesitation, he and his family accepted an invitation by the Ministry of Tourism to visit The Bahamas this month.

Meantime, Mrs. Jibrilu said her ministry intends to ensure such advertisement of what the country has to offer is maintained.

“With opening up The Bahamas’ Ministry of Tourism offices in North America, what that has enabled us to do is directly interact with travel agents, the sales persons, the airlines. We’ve engaged in media blitzes, sales initiatives with our industry partners as well as airline and hotel partners,” Mrs. Jibrilu said.

“This has raised awareness to growth. Some of the growth we’ve seen from the U.S market is attributed to having our people in place who can speak directly to our audience when they need to,” she added.

She further pointed out that The Bahamas ranks number one vacation spot in 2016 for America’s Wealthiest.

Additionally, the advertisements, she said extend beyond the US.

In Italy, a reality television show dubbed “Donnaventura, with over 6 million viewers, showcased five women who travelled the world and returned to The Bahama Islands and filmed segments on Nassau and on sailing in The Abacos.

“Bahamax, a French video series by our BTO Paris Office on received over 1.5 million views. The most successful social media campaign by the Ministry of Tourism. It showed the diversity of The Bahamas Islands featuring videos stories on Nassau, Harbour Island, Exuma and Andros,” Mrs. Jibrilu added.









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