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Family Fears Hit Men — Nephew, Uncle Murdered Two Months Apart

A Bahamian family that has had three of their loved ones murdered in two years fears that more of their relatives will be killed off if the people they suspect of the killings are not arrested soon.

The Journal has learned that one of those three murder victims from the weekend is the close relative of another victim who was murdered two months ago.

And now the family is convinced that the hit men who promised to kill them all is on their way to making good on that promise.

One of three murder victims recorded this past weekend, 34-year-old Robert McIntosh, is the uncle of the man found dead at the South Beach Canals back in July.

Thirty-one-year-old Anthony Fox Rolle was found decomposing through a tract road at the canal on July 29. He was wearing an ankle bracelet at the time.

His younger brother was killed two years earlier in 2011.

The family had long reported to the Journal that a hit had been put out on them. The family said a group of people had vowed to take them down one by one.

And in just two years, three men in that family have been gunned down.

In the latest case, McIntosh was walking through the Nassau Village area just before 8:00 p.m. Saturday when three men in a white car approached him and shot him multiple times about the body.

Sources said he sustained at least 20 gunshot wounds.

McIntosh was also set to be a witness in one of his nephew’s murders in the coming months.

Before McIntosh’s murder last weekend, the situation had gotten so unbearable for some family members that they were forced to flee the capital and relocate to a far flung Family Island.

One of those family members called The Journal at 12:30 a.m. Sunday with tears in her eyes fearing for her and her family.

The family now fears that McIntosh’s youngest nephew and the little brother to the two murdered brothers – an 18-year-old in the witness protection programme – will be next on that hit list.

For fear of retaliation, the family has declined all on camera and recorded interviews for now.

McIntosh is the 79th murder victim so far this year.

Written by Jones Bahamas

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