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Energy Minister Outlines Plan to Lower Electricity Bills

Hon. Jobeth Coleby-Davis, Minister of Energy and Transport

Journal Staff Writer

Minister of Energy and Transport Jobeth Coleby-Davis presented a comprehensive plan to
address the electricity crisis in the country.
Since taking the position as energy minister, Coleby-Davis said she has met with all stakeholders
including residents, Bahamas Power and Light (BPL) employees and executives as well as
business owners to fulfill the government’s mandate of reliable electricity.
“To this end, I am founding my work on four pillars. These pillars are protecting our most
vulnerable citizens, reforming of electricity governance structure, reenergizing of Bahamas
Power and Light, and transitioning to cheaper and cleaner energy generation sources. These
pillars represent the principles that will guide our plans in the short, medium, and long term.
Deputy Speaker, our first pillar is to protect our most vulnerable citizens,” Minister Coleby-
Davis said.
“To uphold this philosophy, we must guarantee that our energy policies not only cover expenses,
but also shield at risk households. For these reasons, Deputy Speaker, we will implement a social
tariff by reducing the cost of the first 200 kilowatts for residents. This will lower bills for all
residents, but it will particularly be impactful for those of modest means.”
The minister also addressed the high debt of the Bahamas Power and Light company (BPL).
There will be an audit of the supply chain as well as an addition to the board of directors.
Minister Coleby Davis said BPL will also be required to enter into a performance agreement
with the government.
“The audit should include an analysis of all rental contracts, including energy generation,
vehicle, and ancillary equipment at BPL. While these business arrangements have been
instrumental in helping us keep our lights on, a broader discussion is warranted on the costs and
terms under which we engage these services,” she said.
“Our insignia company must become an efficient utility provider, one able to deliver cost
effective, reliable, and resilient energy to ensure broad participation in our promise change. I am
considering appointing a BPL elected staff member as an observer on the board of directors. We
trust our BPL employees’ unique expertise to play a pivotal role in this transformation.”
In addition to lowering costs, the Ministry of Energy will conduct an awareness campaign on
energy consumption and efficiency as well as a long-term energy plan to be embedded in an
updated energy policy.

“Updating this policy is a mandate by the Electricity Act, yet we have not updated it since it was
enacted. We need a policy that provides a roadmap for all actors to follow a single Northern Star,
to supply cost effective, reliable and resilient energy throughout The Bahamas,” Minister
Coleby-Davis said.
Minister Coleby-Davis, in directly addressing BPL employees, said she has been listening and
the government is here to support them making the necessary changes and amendments.

Written by Jones Bahamas

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