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Education Minister Says Academic Standards Will Be Raised

Hundreds of high school students from around the country yesterday received accolades for outstanding performances in national examinations for 2015.

During the awards ceremony, at Church of God Convention Centre on Joe Farrington Road, Education Minister Jerome Fitzgerald in bringing remarks, noted that over the past few years, there has been a steady increase in national examination results.

This comment came not long after allegations of the minister celebrating a national D average.

The minister, as he had hoped to put that perception to rest, stated that he was rather encouraged by the improvement, and not so much the grade.

However, Mr. Fitzgerald said the Ministry of Education is making strides to raise its standards.

One way it seeks to do this is by introducing the Shared Vision for Education 2030, a bipartisan policy document which he said will mark the direction of education in the country for the next 15 years.

“I recently received the final draft, and expect to present it shortly in Parliament. Included in that will be the goal of increasing our graduation rate from 50 per cent to 85 per cent by the year 2030. That is indeed a mammoth task. Educators know that a turn around like that does not take place overnight, and it will take us some time,” said Minister Fitzgerald.

Additionally, Minister Fitzgerald urged the awardees to realize that this step is only the “beginning of a lifetime of hard work”.

“Honourees, I never want you to let gifts and your accomplishments get in your way of you progressing and achieving all that you want to be. Don’t become too comfortable and complacent and believe that your natural talent is good enough to bring you success. I must say that all of you are on the right path.”

Accepting the top award for BJC results was Armani Weise from C.H. Reeves Junior High School, and winning the award for independent schools was Jan McCardy of Queen’s College.

The overall winner for government schools was Cecilia Cartwright from NGM Major High School in Long Island, and receiving the top award for independent schools was Sujith Swarna form Forest Heights Academy in Abaco.



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