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Dreamers and Visionaries Needed

Much of what now resonates in mind and on the street as either personal challenges or current crises are in actuality analogous to a distant thunder spawned in the aftermath of policies that failed a long time ago.

Today, we reap a harvest of shame because of the myriad of ignorance gripping policy in not only times past; but in times some might consider ancient.

The same principle applies to how we ‘Do Church’ and how we treat with our aging and ailing elders.

Indeed, were we to take but a minute of reflection, we would readily agree that – at birth – there is a kind of utopian equality as rich woman and poor woman alike give birth to their newly arrived bundles of joy/whether man-child or girl.

Thereafter the differences begin to set in – where opportunities for the one roll in as challenge piled upon challenge course in for the other.

By the time these people reach their adolescence – they are very often neither aware of each other and their starkly different worlds; and thus the fact that we all live – as it were – in a Dickensian-like fog where there is a tale of two cities.

It is to this stark reminder of difference in life-chances that we reference when we take note of the fact that some of those who lead just do not really get it when their critics say that they are not in touch with the cries of neither masses of men and women who now suffer nor to the struggling plight of the working poor.

As in that time and place when a tale of two cities was told about how life was lived in a happy time and how – for better or worse how life was lived in sadder times and in a poorer place; with both cities existing in that one place.

We now wonder if the same cannot be said about The Bahamas.

And so: – We wonder not only about the way things are now; but we wonder when – as a people who would be united in service and love – will be up and doing with renovating decrepit and spent institutions; with bringing laws up to date or for that matter, with identifying, rewarding and praising all and sundry who deserve acclamation.

We also wonder about the fate of some of our leaders – men and women who as the saying goes, can and do see the most wonderful of things in their dreams and visions of a better and greater Bahamas.

These men and women are our seers; our prophets, these are men and women desirous of making their own peculiar contribution to this land’s current dalliance with creativity.

For better or worse, this land of ours seems set on a path leading to even more despair, hurt and death.

Evidently, there is nothing at all in what we know about human beings which dictates that this need be our fate.

In truth, human beings can – as they are sometimes wont to do – show that a fortunate few of them live in a mind-space where what might seem impossible morphs first into the unlikely – and thereafter [wonders of wonders] the unlikely is precursor to what thereafter seems inevitable.

This is what creativity is all about.

In the ultimate analysis, then, human beings are at their best when they integrate head, heart and hand in pursuance of achieving this or that objective.

It is also a so-called fact of life where we find that that for as long as we have been independent, some among of us [inclusive of the late Sir Lynden O. Pindling] have dared to dream and hope that a day would come when Bahamians would – in love and service to their beloved Bahama Land – engage in some kind of national service.

While noble enough, each and every effort at such a great venture found themselves stranded on rocks of indifference and [on occasion] tossed hither and yon by waves of religiously bated discontent.

At the end of the day, things had become so bad that they could be boiled down that nasty essence where some among us would testify that they did not want their good children mixing with others not of their brand and ilk.

We now reap a sad harvest of poorly socialized youth; men and women drawn from all social strata in this land who have nary a clue as to what – if anything beyond getting a job – they could and should be about as time marches on.

In truth, each and every Bahamian should be called forward to play a valued part in building a vibrant, independent, God-fearing Bahama Land.

This is precisely where those with dreams and visions in mind are called to testify to the truths they know.

Written by Jones Bahamas

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