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Doctors Hospital West Reopens

By Keile Campbell
Journal Staff Writer

Doctors Hospital West, located on Blake Road, announced its reopening, giving members of
the press a tour of the enhanced facilities and briefed them on the services and treatments
available at the private hospital’s western location.
Doctors Hospital West specializes in urgent care, specialist appoint visits and advanced
diagnostics. Doctors Hospital President and CEO Dr. Charles Diggiss explained the purpose
for the hospital’s reopening as well as what difference the hospital brings.
“Doctors Hospital West is back and the reason why we have purposed Doctors Hospital West
with the services that you’re going to tour and especially with urgent care and inpatient care is
because of the requests of the communities in western New Providence. We have established
some very key relationships,” Dr. Diggiss said.
“Bahama Mar has been a very notable partner of ours. We do quite an extensive amount of
business with Bahama, including being domiciled within the complex to provide the full
scope of their emergency medical services and we’re happy to talk in more detail about that,
but they are one of our corporate partners in the western New Providence who are very keen
on having a facility like this available.”
Dr. Diggiss expanded on the logic behind the decision, explaining what made the western
location more suitable to address health and safety matters with not only guests of the various
tourist locations and areas in west New Providence, but also the residential areas.
He said, “It is important to have a place to go not as far as coming all the way uptown to
Doctors Hospital east to serve needs that can be served at a facility like this one on Blake
Road, and so there is no mystery then as to why we believe this is opportune. This is really
the right time for us to re-release this capacity in western New Providence and whether you’re
in the Coral Harbor community or Carmichael Road, Lyford Cay or whether you’re at Baha
Mar, across the Lakeview and anywhere in between, then what we want to offer here is the
ability to have your emergency and urgent care issues managed properly, in coordination with
our ground ambulance services, and we are so clear that this is going to be a great benefit to
the communities in – especially in western New Providence.”
Senior Vice President of Patient Care Services and Nursing Administration Bridgette
Sherman gave a breakdown of the wide-ranging services offered at the facility, noting that
Doctors Hospital boasts of a team of renowned and specialized professionals available by
According to Sherman, Doctors Hospital West serves as an intermediary between emergency
room treatment and one’s regular family doctor.
“Our dedicated team is equipped to care for illnesses, injuries or conditions that are serious
enough to require immediate attention, but do not necessitate emergency room care. We
understand that health concerns may arise at any time. Therefore, Doctors Hospital less
operates within extended hours to accommodate your needs. Our Urgent Care Department is

open Monday to Friday 8 a.m. to 11 p.m. and on weekends and holidays 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. We
offer an extensive range of diagnostic services, including a full-service laboratory. Our
cutting-edge facilities enable us to provide services such as imaging, CT scans, ultrasound
scans, and X-rays ensuring prompt and accurate diagnosis,” she said.
Sherman explained that Doctors Hospital West offers unique state-of-the-art hyperbaric
oxygen therapy facilities that are vital in emergency treatment of decompression illnesses
found in deep-sea diving and carbon monoxide poisoning in wound care and healing.

Written by Jones Bahamas

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