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Davis laments “loose lips” of MP

Pointing fingers at Finance Minister Peter Turnquest in The House of Assembly yesterday was Opposition Leader Phillip Davis called out the government for hypocrisy, specifically noting Mr. Turnquest’s dismal outlook of the country’s economy during his Budget Communication.


Referring to Mr. Turnquest, The Opposition Leader said, “East Grand Bahama knows how buck toe feels. The entire Bahamas felt the backlash wielded by Moody’s in response to his Budget Communication. Even the international rating agency responded to the doom and gloom.


“Of course, that sent East Grand Bahama into a scramble. Ouch!!!  Bucking your toe really hurts!  Grammy used to say, “What you give to the world, you can’t take back,” he said.


Mr. Davis further took issue with the current state of the Interception of Communications Bill commonly referred to by many as the Spy Bill.


“It is confounding that the Bill now proposes this power should reside with politicians. This cannot be right and it is certainly not progressive or forward looking,” he said.


“In its current form, it must be rejected by right thinking freedom loving Bahamians as a rank and arrogant invasion of privacy. In its current form, the Bill violates the civil liberties and privacy by opening the door to political abuse and persecution. I daresay, it takes away rights from Bahamians when we in this place should be about deepening and expanding democracy through the expansion of civil liberties and rights of privacy,” said the Cat Island MP.


Echoing a sentiment his colleagues had during the debate, Mr. Davis said the Minnis administration has no plans to improve the country.


“We have lost opportunities to bring more Bills to this Place.  Our primary purpose in this Place is the passage of laws for good governance.


“Apart from Money Bills, we are with only a Bill that expands the powers of the Office of the Director of Public Prosecutions and another that the side opposite labelled the “Spy Bill” when we tabled it in February of this year,” he said


The opposition leader raised several other questions to the government during the Opposition’s wrap up.


He asked,“when will Bahamians receive selective catastrophic care under NHI? When can Bahamian students expect free tuition at the University of the Bahamas? When will ordinary Bahamians receive tax relief on breadbasket items? And When can Bahamians expect the program that will lead to a unified busing system?”


Mr. Davis said hypocrisy and victimization remains the hallmarks of the Minnis administration.










Written by Jones Bahamas

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