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Chipman: Mitchell A Hypocrite

St. Anne’s MP Hubert Chipman says that Foreign Affairs Minister Fred Mitchell is “a hypocrite of the highest order.”

In a press release, Mr. Chipman says that the Fox Hill MP will say anything to foster his ultimate goal in one day being prime minister.

“Mr. Mitchell has often appealed to the worst demons of our nature in the pursuit of his unquenchable ambition to remain relevant and to achieve his ultimate goal of becoming prime minister. His jingoism does not seep, it comes in torrents,” he said.

“When criticized over human rights and immigration matters, Mitchell has routinely accused others of not being as nationalistic and as patriotic as he supposedly is. Such jingoism is par for the course for Mitchell and the PLP, who like to pretend that they are the most patriotic people in The Bahamas. The remarks were made in response to Fred Mitchell’s comments on the Baha-Mar situation.”

Mr. Chipman said that Mr. Mitchell and the PLP have failed to improve The Bahamas in any way and that the government dropped the ball on the Baha Mar negotiations.

“There are legitimate questions over the government’s handling of the Baha Mar matter, from the collapse of the project to the inability to open the mega resort,” he said.

“Had the government not foolishly sought to push the resort into liquidation, which resulted in its going into receivership, the country would have been in a better negotiating position with all the stake-holders.

“Instead, the country is in a worse position economically and in terms of its sovereignty – another hobby horse Mitchell and the PLP like to ride when it suits their purpose. This is ironic given that the PLP was supposed to be putting Bahamians first. We do not know what the PLP may be negotiating away in its desperate bid to open Baha Mar. All we have are statements by Prime Minister Christie who has bungled the Baha Mar matter from beginning to end and who made promises that turned into dust,” Mr. Mitchell said.

These remarks came in response to Mr. Mitchell saying that Bahamians were being racist and “jingoistic” in their deportment on social media concerning the rumor of the Chinese being 500 citizenships as part on the concessions in the new Baha Mar negotiations.

Chipman added that PLP does not have a positive track record of handling negotiations and has lost the confidence of the Bahamian people.

“The Christie administration has a history of not tabling various agreements. Until we have a revised Heads of Agreement and any side letters arising from current negotiations, we cannot trust that the PLP is acting fully in the best interests of the country,” he said.

“Mitchell can bluster and talk all he likes. The country does not trust Christie or the PLP to do the right thing. If the government wants to put an end to rumors, they must level with the Bahamian people.”




Written by Jones Bahamas

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