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Cash, Foulkes To Run For FNM Chair

Free National Movement (FNM) Acting Chairman Darron Cash said he is expecting the race for the party’s chairmanship to be a two man run off between himself and one other FNM member.

“Dion Foulkes and I are the only two candidates,” he said, “And we expect that we will be the only two candidates.”

Speaking to The Bahama Journal Tuesday night, Mr. Cash said despite talks that a number of top FNM members are set to contest the seat at the party’s upcoming board elections on November 15 only two names are in the hat for that spot.

“Phenton Neymour nominated for the deputy chairman spot that I am vacating,” he added. “And Michael Pintard is not a candidate.”

“We don’t expect any other nomination. This is going to be a choice between a new generation of leadership for the organisation, one that brings new energies and new ideas.”

Mr. Cash’s chairmanship candidacy was shrouded in controversy after reports surfaced that he would not be offering himself for chairman as he and FNM Leader Dr. Hubert Minnis could not see eye to eye.

But days later, Mr. Cash put out a statement announcing that he was nominated for the spot, a move that raised many eyebrows.

“Contrary to reports I am in fact a chairman and I expect that I am going to win,” he added. “Suggestions about not getting along with the leader are pure fabrication.”

“The bottom line is, like any dynamic organisation, there are always differenced of opinions, ideas about how to proceed and mature leaders get together to work things out for the good of the organisation.”

Mr. Cash said this controversy was solely the work of “mischievous” FNM members who decided to share internal party discussions.

Written by Jones Bahamas

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