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Despite a potential conflict of interest, Bahamas Power and Light’s new Chairman Donavan Moxey is not ruling out the possibility of his software company, CBI Mobile, working with BPL.

Mr. Moxey’s company proposed an App called Mobile Assist to the company’s former board a year ago. 

Mr. Moxey and his board met with reporters on Monday for a press conference after a productive day of discussion. 

When asked about the potential conflict of interest, Mr. Moxey said, “my perspective is this, and this is for all members of the board. Whenever there is a potential or existing conflict of interest, the procedure right now within the board is that you declare that.”

He added, “In cases where you must recuse yourself  and there are decisions to be made, then you do as such.”

  Mr. Moxey said if the opportunity presents itself, it’s ultimately not his decision to move forward. 

He said, “I have to go to my board of my software company to make the decision to whether or not it makes sense to engage BPL as a customer, and if that is  the case, I would follow the procedures as a part of BPL, as any board member would,  so that we don’t violate any of the norms when it come to good corporate governance.” 

While some may suggest that the newly appointed chairman not pursue this endeavor, Mr. Moxey said he has a “fudiciary responsibility” to his shareholders and asked, “How do you gain an opportunity as a private company?”

He added, “It’s one of those things where it’s not an issue unless somebody makes it an issue. There are normal corporate governance practices that everyone follows, and I have no problem following those corporate governance practices.”

While it may seem that he sees no issue with rewarding his company a contract if he follows normal corporate practices, he said that sometimes the optics of the matter aren’t necessarily correct.

Deputy  Chairman Stephen Holowesko  agreed  with  this notion,  saying that Mr. Moxey should not have to put aside a company he’s been working on for the hypthetical possibility of a contract with BPL down the road.  


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