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BEC Outage Costly

The Bahamas Electricity Corporation (BEC) experienced another disruption yesterday morning at its Blue Hill Road location leaving thousands of its customers in the dark amid the scorching summer heat.

BEC has since explained that near island-wide blackout was due to a failed generator.

The power outage began around 7:30a.m., Monday.

As of 5:40p.m., yesterday, BEC officials were still unable to tell customers what exactly caused the failure of the generators.

“The Bahamas Electricity Corporation advises its customers in New Providence that it continues to experience challenges on its generation network following generator failures at its Blue Hills Power Station on Monday morning,” BEC said in a statement.

“Two of the generator units that failed on Monday morning continue to experience problems resulting in outages for customers in Eastern New Providence and on East Street South. BEC expects that until the units return to service, customers in different communities may experience outages throughout the evening. Corporation officials say they are working to fully restore supply within the next several hours.”

Many Bahamians speculated via social media that the outage was island wide but BEC said this was not the case and that 50 percent of its customers did not experience any loss in electricity.

This excuse however is one that was just not enough for some residents.

Bahamians began calling into the Journal newsroom about 10 minutes after the outage occurred and pleaded that BEC give a better explanation.

Golden Gates resident Tanya Cash says this sort of thing has been happening too frequently and Bahamians want answers.

“BEC is a national disgrace, they do whatever they wish and they do not give an account to the people,” she said

“The people are suffering too much under BEC.”

The corporation assured its customers that it is doing all it can to correct this situation.

“BEC sincerely apologises to its customers impacted by the outages and ensures them that despite intermittent challenges with its generation and/ or distribution networks, it remains committed to providing a reliable source of electricity across the archipelago.”

Written by Jones Bahamas

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