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Bay Street Vendors Locked out for Non-Payment

Fifty-four Bay Street straw vendors went to work Monday morning only to find their stalls locked and blocked off with caution tape, as officials of the Straw Market Authiority clamp down on those delinquent renters.

Reports are that vendors were denied access to their areas for non-payment of their $35 a week rent and also had their licenses suspended until they made their accounts current.

The vendors allegedly owe between $900 and $1600 in unpaid rent fees.

Straw Market Authority officials added that based on the high sums of monies owed, it is evident that many of the vendors had not paid the $5 a day rent since the new market was opened last year.

But officials said these closures were just the first of more to come as other vendors could suffer the same fate.

They said they are working systematically to get vendors with outstanding bills to pay and will carry out the closures in segments.

Next week those vendors who owe between $500 and $900 could also be shut down for non-payment.

Officials said they had given the vendors more than sufficient time to pay their bills.

Written by Jones Bahamas

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