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Bank Lane Lockdown

Roof top snipers and heavily armed police officers stood guard in the Bank Lane area yesterday as drug convict Stephen ‘Die’ Stubbs was brought before the Supreme Court for the retrial of a murdered police officer.

Corporal Jimmy Ambrose was shot and killed in March 1999 outside of the Club Rock Disco on West Bay Street.

Stubbs, Clint Evans and Andrew Davis are slated to be retried in connection with Ambrose’s murder.

Stubbs appeared before Justice Roy Jones.

Traffic was rerouted and pedestrians were barred from entering the area.

Director of Public Prosecutions Vinette Graham-Allen and Neil Braithwaite appeared on behalf of the Crown. Defence attorney Murrio Ducille represents Stubbs.

Both sides spent most of the morning giving legal arguments in court.

Jury selection could take place today.

Justice Jones instructed the media not to report the details of the legal arguments, as the jury was not present.

Stubbs’ family members grew irate after police initially blocked them from court.

“I am so tired of [the police]. They are saying that we can’t go in court, they’re talking about we need ID and that we have to have a case in the court [in order to get in]. I’m so tired of them,” said Stubbs’ sister, Grace Stubbs.

Stubbs’ mother, Natalie Stubbs, who wept openly on the outside behind the barricades, was eventually allowed inside the courtroom.

Stubbs is currently serving a four-year sentence for conspiracy to import and possess dangerous drugs with intent to supply.

Court resumes today at 10:00 a.m.

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