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Bahamian Poet Debuts Book

Move over William Shakespeare.

Beaumont Todd, who has spent the last 18 years writing poetry, is hoping poetry fans will snap up his new books, Tirade of The Heart.

The husband and father of three has written scores of poems in nearly two decades, but for the first time, he is being published.

“[This book] is a good mix of love poems, inspiration poems, poems of sadness, nature. I also have a couple of poems to encourage people,” he told The Bahama Journal.

He said one of his favourite poems in the book is a piece called Fallen.

“Three years ago I was in a dark place and everything that you could think of was going wrong for me. Basically, the poem is a reflection of what I went through to get myself back to the spot where I am now where I can say I feel I can invest in other’s lives, my family’s lives and my own life because it was really rough at that particular point, [which is why I love Fallen],” he said.

“I think for my own poems – this is something that is going to connect with everybody, whether you’re young or young at heart. It’s something that offers a good variety for everyone.”

Todd also counts the poems ‘You Inspire Me’, ‘My Gift’, ‘My Son’ among his favourites. He wrote the pieces for his wife, daughter and son respectively.

My Son was written the night his son was born.

“What happened was, I was a part of Shakespeare in Paradise at the time and we had practice and my wife called me that morning because I was working for the Nassau Guardian in the Accounting Department and my wife called and said, ‘honey, my water broke’ and I was like, what are you talking about, you’re a whole month early. I almost freaked out. That night I wrote that poem,” he said.

The veteran poet explained that it is difficult for artists, particularly poets, to make it in The Bahamas.

“Unfortunately, I do not think that our people appreciate the culture that we have here when it comes to our artists, whether they’re writing poetry or writing music. We have a very good mix of persons in this country who are very talented,” he said.
“It’s so funny, we could go on the world stage and our talents would bloom and blossom and be appreciated. And sometimes right here at home I don’t think our people really appreciate the gifts and talented people God has put on this one little island. Sometimes it’s really difficult to get your poetry or your books novels out there but I believe Bahamians will support my book.”

Todd’s book is published by online publisher,

The book costs $20 and is available at Logos Bookstore.

Next week the book will be in Chapter One Bookstore and Nassau Stationers.

Written by Jones Bahamas

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