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One of the more interesting social phenomena in this truly paradoxical place has to do with the extent to which Bahamians routinely bemoan a high and rising crime rate – especially murder run amok – while all the while, they artfully ignore the extent to which these same people routinely condone the awful abuse of children, women and [on occasion] men.

In addition, there is that other very interesting situation where some of our Church men and other religious routinely pay attention to some issues while doing all in their power to ignore other egregiously nasty attacks upon human dignity.

Some of these men and women are so dreadfully wrong that one is minded to see them for what they surely seem:- Hypocrites of the first order.

We wonder about how it arises that there is so little comment [and precious little action] regarding some of the sexualized savagery done some of this nation’s so-called ‘precious’ darlings.

Some of those who are charged with caring for these least of the least could care less.

In addition, there are all those other reports reaching us also tell of situations where mothers routinely turn a blind eye to some of the petty thievery done by both their sons and daughters as they do what they can to help supplement household income.

These children are definitely at-risk of morphing into this society’s next generation of thieves, cut-throats and gangsters. There are times when such a process can and should be nipped in the bud; thus the focus on finding ways and means of dealing with this troubled demographic.

That some of these men and women might have gone on to make more productive contributions to the development of this society is evident to many right-thinking Bahamians.

Today we wish to underscore the fact that we live in a time and in a place where all hands are needed on deck; this so that each and every Bahamian can make the contribution they can and should be allowed to help steady things.

From where we view the passing scene, the time is now for the current administration, civil society, business and other social partners to be up and doing as regards bringing much needed relief to youth at risk in today’s Bahamas. While – in theory – it is the shared responsibility of the family, the church, civil society and schools to offer our youth firm guidance and opportunities for growth, personal fulfillment and the appropriate socialization; these institutions do – on occasion – fail.

When these social institutions either falter or fail, numbers of children are invariably left in the full glare of society as the label “at-risk” is affixed. Of particular concern to us would be at-risk boys and girls who live in any number of this nation’s heartland communities or who live on some of our more ‘remote’ Family Islands. Clearly, this is a most serious tragedy for the Bahamas in its entirety.

Such a venture at the level of a pilot project, no less might entail cooperation between the College of The Bahamas, the Department of Education, Social Services, The Police [especially those involved with Urban Renewal]and selected partners in Civil Society.

That we live in a society where child abuse has become endemic, is one of those sad but true facts of life in a Bahamas where some of the weakest are routinely treated to a porridge of abuse. Sadder still happens to be the fact that very many parents – male and female alike – have absolutely no problem with having their children subjected to an unending stream of verbal abuse; barrages of pummeling and on occasion, these parents are the angry ones armed with tamarind rods, pieces of wire, lengths of pvc pipe and other instruments of torture.

This vile behavior should be done away with. But as we wait for this turn to come, we pledge to continue to work for the soon-coming of that day when – as a people who would be united in service and in love for this land – we would do all and more to enhance and facilitate community health.

This we would do by deepening this nation’s investment in the health, education and well-being of our people and in seeing them as part and parcel of this nation’s cherished portfolio of assets.

This is the living expression of what it means when reference is made to development. In short, we pray for the soon-coming of that day when the Bahamian people – at the mass level – are healthier, wealthier, wiser and happier.

Written by Jones Bahamas

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