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AG Rejects Baha Mar Deal Critics

2016-08-23-PHOTO-00004691Attorney General Allyson Maynard-Gibson, one of the key negotiators in the Baha Mar deal, says she’s disappointed in those people who have voiced their lack of optimism and faith in the prime minister’s affairs as it relates to the billion-dollar resort.

In an interview with reporters yesterday, Ms. Maynard Gibson said Bahamians should focus on the fact that the journey to this point has shown the importance of faith.

“Everybody believed and was praying that God would take us through all of this and lift the burden and the obvious pain that many have been experiencing,” she said.

“He had the prime minister whose focus was only on how we are to be sure that Bahamians come out of this.”

Shortly after the announcement was made, Bahamians and top tier politicians made comments about the lack of transparency from Mr. Christie as it relates to the full details about the deal.

“I was more than a little disappointed to hear people say shut it down and let it sit around until after the election. The election is in May that is in eight months,” she said.

“You saw the emotion in the people who were speaking spontaneously last night. People who want power are simply saying I don’t care about your pain , about your suffering, I don’t mind that you suffer for eight months more, is that who you want to lead you?”

When probed about the call from various persons about the specifics as it relates to a buyer, the AG further stated that Mr. Christie would be the primary spokesperson and he would provide those specifics at the right time.

Mrs. Maynard Gibson spoke to those concerns as well about the Baha Mar proceedings that were taking place in The United States (US) in comparison to the proceeding here in The Bahamas.

In hindsight, she said, it is clear to see that any investment of this magnitude that affects such a large sector of the Bahamian people and the economy, logically should have been adjudicated in The Bahamas.

“Think about it, all of you are young people. Would you want something that affected you so personally to be in another country where you have to pay to go to that country to have your mater adjudicated,” she said.

“Our courts as Bahamians we should be very proud that the world could see that our courts work.”

Meanwhile, Former Attorney General and Progressive Liberal Candidate for Fort Charlotte, Alfred Sears, responded to credit downgrade, by admonishing Bahamians to remain positive.


“The move presents The Bahamas with an historic opportunity to change its economic strategy and political processes to produce a more sustainable and secure future for The Bahamas. What we must not do is wring our hands and say ‘Oh, this is bad.’ We should seize this moment and make the kind of structural changes that will put our national development on a more sustainable path,” said Mr. Sears.







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