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9,208 Work Permits Issued

According to the latest statistics by the Department of Immigration 2015 saw a total of 9,208 work permits being issued in The Bahamas.

The statistics were revealed during a press conference at the Department of Statistics on Friday afternoon.

Director of Immigration William Pratt suggested that the 2015 immigration statistics are very similar to previous years and that the majority of permits are issued to unskilled laborers.

Mr. Pratt added that a primary objective of the department is to strengthen the Bahamianization of the workforce in particular the skilled work areas.

“The department’s policy is to “Bahamianise”. We work closely with the Department of Labour and different bodies, even the health bodies, the food, the hotel training college, we work closely with them, so anyone applying for work permit in those areas, we try to get their views before the board makes a decision, because our job is to “Bahamianise” the positions as much as possible,” Mr. Pratt said.

In highlighting the top nationalities in terms of work permits granted, 3,360 – or 36 per cent – were issued to Haitians, according to the figures.

Jamaican nationals were issued 1,075 or 11 per cent of the permits issued, while Philippine nationals received 1,033 or 11 per cent of permits issued.

Chinese nationals received 652 of the total number of work permits issued, while Americans received 629 work permits.

Of the 9,208 work permits issued, 44 per cent were granted to workers in the “Elementary Occupational” group, which officials said includes “unskilled workers” such as maids and housekeepers, it was also revealed that 65 per cent of people receiving work permits from this group were Haitian nationals.

The industry receiving the majority of work permits in 2015 was the Hotel Industry with 1,144 – or 12 per cent – of those issued, and the industry with least amount of work permits granted, 22 (or 0.2 per cent), were issued to people in the Plant and Machine Operators and Assemblers category.

The numbers revealed that skilled Agricultural, Forestry and Fishery workers were granted 949 (or 10 per cent) of the total permits issued. Some 80 per cent of this group were Haitians according to officials.

This was followed by Professionals, Science and Engineering Professionals with 927 (or 10 per cent) of the total work permits issued. Of that group, Americans received 144 (1.5 per cent) of work permits issued, while Jamaicans received 142 or 1.5 per cent of work permits issued.

The Construction industry received 689 or 7 per cent of the total permits, while the Manufacturing industry was issued 539 or 5 per cent of work permits issued.









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