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Man Gunned Down in Shopping Plaza 81st murder on record

By Licec Bastian
Journal Staff Writer

A 29-year-old male, who was out on bail for attempted murder and had been shot
earlier this year, was gunned down in the Harbour Bay Shopping Plaza on Monday,
sometime around 7:40 p.m., becoming the country’s 81st homicide victim.
He had just finished his work out at the Macfit 360 Gym when he was shot multiple
times about the body. He died on the scene.
Police press liaison officer, Chief Superintendent Chrislyn Skippings, notably
frustrated declared at the crime scene on Monday night “it’s time now to stop the
Police did not officially identify the victim; however, The Journal’s source identified
him as Tennyson Maxwell Chisholm.
“Let me just say how disgusted I am, tonight, with this particular incident occurring
here yet within a shopping plaza where members of the public traverse on a daily
basis. This is unacceptable and this will not be tolerated,” Chf. Supt. Skippings said.
“The victim was leaving the gym and as he exited the gym, a light-coloured Japanese
vehicle pulled up. The occupants opened fire on the victim, shooting him multiple
“Earlier this year, the victim was also shot. He was in our custody, detectives spoke
with him, but he failed to provide the intelligence needed to resolve whatever conflict
there was between him and the alleged perpetrators.”
Chf. Supt. Skippings called on Bahamians and residents to assist police with solving
this latest homicide.
“We welcome the support of the Bahamian people in this fight against crime. You
may see something; you may hear something. You may have seen a vehicle leaving
this area at a high speed. You may have seen a light-coloured vehicle being ditched in
a particular area and you may have seen persons exiting that vehicle, provide us with
the intelligence,” the police press liaison officer said.

Chf. Supt. Skippings also made a passionate plea to parents across the country to
partner with the police in the fight against crime.
“I want to send a strong message to parents, yet again. You know exactly who have
the weapons. You know. You know your children have weapons. You have seen the
weapons in the home, but you are of the notion that these weapons will not be used on
you,” Chf. Supt. Skippings said.
“But let me say to you, the day of reckoning is coming because the same weapons that
your sons use to injure other people, these weapons will be turned on you if you fail to
come forward and provide the police with the intelligence.
“We are here to prevent these incidents from occurring. You know who your children
have conflicts with. You hear them in the house talking; you hear them in your
backyards talking. You are just as guilty as the perpetrators, just as guilty, and so you
have a responsibility in this fight against crime.
“If you fail to come forward, provide us with the intelligence, there will be many,
many more days for you to cry and for you to weep.”
In the last several months, many of the victims of murder in the country were men
who were out on bail for serious crimes including murder, attempted murder and
possession of firearms and dangerous drugs.
Both National Security Minister Wayne Munroe and Commissioner of Police Clayton
Fernander have lamented judicial process that allows those charged with serious crime
being granted bail.
In 2022, 60 percent of the murder victims were on bail for murder.
Back in April this year, Minister Munroe contended that those “getting bail for murder
in The Bahamas, that’s a death sentence.”

Written by Jones Bahamas

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