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Pastors In Sympathy With Gaming Employees

At least two of the  country’s Pastors believe that release of employees from gaming houses as a result of the 50 per cent  taxation imposed on gaming houses was unfortunate and unnecessary.  

Bahamas Faith Ministries Senior Pastor Dave Burrows said the move was one of those being viewed   as push back from gaming operators. 

He said, “the way I view it is seems like it’s a strategy. The gaming houses  have friction with the government and so they are making decisions to  effect public opinion and also to affect government behaviour as far as making the decisions.

“ I don’t think it was something that was absolutely necessary because it was stated by a number of people to see what happened  but they made a preemptive decision,  so to me I think that was a strategic decision and not necessarily an economic decision,” said Pastor Burrows.  

Golden Gates World Outreach Ministries Pastor Bishop Ross Davis stands by the church’s views on gaming,  but says that this may be a good thing.

“Usually,  when your back is against the wall your faith comes out stronger.   I’m hoping that the whole situation with the VAT and those persons who lost their jobs  will cause us to look to the hills from whence cometh our help and not allow anything to cause us to move away from God,” Bishop Davis said. 

It was just two weeks ago when Asure Win Gaming Company released a statement advising the public of the  closure of 11 locations and the termination of approximately 50 employees. 

A few other gaming companies followed  shortly thereafter,  advising their employees and the public of    layoffs and of  downsizing  plans  as well.

These gaming operators called these  moves  necessary for the future of their respective companies.

While both Pastors  say that they will continue to stand by the views of the church on gaming, they are sympathetic to those gaming employees that are now unemployed.

Written by Jones Bahamas

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