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Local Group Seeks to Legalize Marijuana

Talks of decriminalizing marijuana have set the country abuzz over the past few days and the Bahamas Cannabis Research Institute (BACARI) launched their inaugural initiative in an effort to remove restrictions placed on the herb some 48 years ago. 

This issue hit close to home for BACARI’S Chairman Terry Miller who reflected on the tarnished records of young men locked away for possession of just a small amount of marijuana.

He said, “where’s the justice in The Bahamas where in 1978 a son of a former high ranking government official was released from custody and had his record suspended for a sack of marijuana?” 

He added, “ while the sons of the poor and unconnected are burdened with criminal records and prison terms, where is the justice in that?”

Mr. Miller also refuted the claim that a marijuana industry in The Bahamas would reap insignificant rewards.

He said, “we estimate that this industry could easily be worth more than $100 million yearly within the first few years, rising to more than half a billion dollars in value by 2025.”

He added, “more that six million tourists visited The Bahamas in 2016 and the figure is expected to rise in the coming years with the huge increase I’m availability and the widespread increase in Airbnb.

“ While many of these persons may be casual users, many more will require prescriptions to be filled bolstering our fledgling medical tourism market.”

Apart from smoking, marijuana can be used I’m fabrics, roof shingles, and the production of paper.

The BACARI Chairman also called on the government to listen to the voice of the people.

He said, “our government said it’s the people’s time. This is the opportunity to prove to every citizen of this country that it is indeed the people’s time.”

The BACARI Team’s key objectives include facilitating new law reforms to legalize and regulate the Cannabis Industry, educating communities on the benefits and safe use of the plant, and establishing a standard process toward a cannabis industry registration and licensing.

Mr. Miller said that the institute is in alignment with all of the points included in the CARICOM Commission on Marijuana 2018 report. 

The commission intends to suggest that all CARICOM members take a serious look into the legalization of marijuana.


Written by Jones Bahamas

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