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National Security Minister Marvin Dames has  fired back at claims that he promoted a close friend to Assistant Superintendent, calling them  “absurd and disingenuous.”

As Progressive Liberal Party Leader, Philip “Brave” Davis tells it, the friend helped compile the Police Force’s Manpower Audit that found that The RBPF is top heavy.

However the Minister said, “If Mr. Davis were to do his homework, because he was very much a part of the previous government,  he ought to have known that the officer in question was acting for a significant period of time.

“Because of the fact that the officer was overseas completing a degree, a PhD as a matter of fact, while serving in the Royal Bahamas Police Force, so that particular officer was actually acting. 

“She  could not have been confirmed in the position until the officer would have completed her PhD, so this actually took place before our government came into office and there was actually work done to confirm this officer, and I agree with that, it ought to be confirmed,” said Mr. Dames.

The minister said if there’s a need for additional facts on the matter, one need only reach out to the Commissioner of Police.

“We should not be going out as leaders of this nation spreading untruth.

“We conducted an audit of this organization and discovered that this organization was top heavy.

“Why? Because there was a need by the previous government to promote people leading up to the general election, that’s what we need to be talking about,” Mr. Dames said.

Written by Jones Bahamas

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