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Roberts To McCartney : Be A Man And Humble Yourself

Chairman of the Progressive Liberal Party Bradley Roberts said he was amused at the comments made about his political ideals by leader of the Democratic National Alliance Branville McCartney.


In a recent press release Roberts said that a man’s whose ideas for political reform center around narcotics abuse should not be taken seriously.


“Branville McCartney appears to be so high on himself that he does not see the doors and windows all closing in around him. Considering that his expressed priority policy agenda for our country’s future ostensibly hinges on the thin line of substance abuse.”


“I am understandably amused at the comments attributed to him in today’s newspapers concerning my political posture and opinion. I will again attempt to rehabilitate him from his “high” and knock him back into reality,” Mr. Roberts said.


Roberts also commented on the recent idea of a possible coalition being formed between the DNA and FNM to possibly oust the current government.

“There is a popular commercial playing now on local television which warns of the pitfalls of arranged, improper and dubious marriages very much like the incestuous and politically promiscuous same-sex union that is now being proposed between the FNM and the DNA.”

“The PLP finds this latest proposition in the local political firmament worthy of commentary because given the proclivity of Dr. Hubert Minnis to put his foot in his mouth and McCartney’s presumption of the divinely anointed political Barabbas of The Bahamas, we in the PLP are frightened for the deepening of our democracy.”

“With powerful parliamentary personalities in the FNM already dismissing the sordid and salacious conjugal political marriage of the FNM to the DNA, one wonders if they can even get through a decent courtship or arrive at a prenuptial agreement that both sides will not spend an entire general election campaign tearing apart,” Mr. Roberts said.

Roberts added that McCartney should quit the antics and just tell Dr. Minnis he wants back in the FNM instead of continuing with his charades.

“McCartney should do the honest and honourable thing and admit that he just wants to get himself an FNM nomination and leave Chris Mortimer, Ethric Bowe and Andrew Wilson saddled with the gas bill for their huge green buses.”


“Branville, be a man, humble yourself, enter through the FNM’s front door and beg Dr. Minnis for a nomination (preferably on your knees) and stop trying to be clever by half by hustling your way back into the FNM through the back door while publicly telling Dr. Minnis that you are the savior of that organization. Your public antics amount to juvenile political theater at best,” Mr. Roberts said.

Even though the PLP were victorious in the most recent election the combined votes between the two leading oppositional forces would have exceeded the government’s total.









Written by Jones Bahamas

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